Essays on Alternative Energy

Alternatives to Fossil Fuel

The USA's Efforts to Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuels The USA has always been on the front line when it comes to matters that touch on the safety of human beings (Shafiee \\\" Topal, 2008). America has been focusing and grinding hard in ensuring that alternative sources to fossil energy are...

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Benefits of Owning Alternative Energy Vehicles

Elimination or reduction of environmental pollution through Alternative Energy Vehicles Elimination or reduction of anything that contributes to the environmental pollution and degradation is the primary goal of the climate blueprint. Therefore, the proposal of the use of Alternative energy vehicles should be key to achieve the climate blueprint goal. Alternative...

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Importance of Alternative Energy in Sustainable Development

Recent statistics depict that there will be an increase in reliability of alternative sources of energy by 2020. At least 26 percent of the total primary energy will come from alternative energy sources (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This trend has been established based on analysis of a pattern of...

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Environmental Issues: Alternative Energy Sources

Myers et al. (2014) state that carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide among other carbon compounds released because of fossil fuels' usage by members of a particular ecosystem. To stop jeopardizing the environment and its sustainability, a carbon footprint decrease by an initial 25% would be vital (Rogelj...

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Generating Clean Energy Using Landfill waste

There is a big need to find alternative sources of environmentally friendly energy sources due to the fact that the common forms of energy are becoming extinct in the developing world with time and are contributing to some global problems such as the greenhouse effect and global warming. The most...

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about solar energy

Solar Energy: An Enticing Alternative Solar energy provides an enticing alternative to current energy supplies that are now being used. This is the most readily available source of energy which exceeds the energy requirements of the planet both now and in the future. In addition, as a green energy source, it...

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