Essays on Energy Efficiency

Three Agnation for Weatherization Zine Project

Martin Schweitzer. Nonenergy gains from the weatherization assistance program: A review of recent literature. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (US), ORNL/CON-484, 2002. The United States Department of Energy-funded Martin Schweitzer's publication of this report in 2002. Martin has authored other books, including An Evaluation of State Energy Program Accomplishments: 2002 Program Year...

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Energy sector goodwill impairments

The article is about goodwill impairments in the energy sector. The energy sector mixed losses that fell to $7.2 billion in 2016, from $18.2 billion recorded from the previous year. Following the decline in the energy quarter as stated in previous years the essay beneath seeks to discuss various measures...

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U.A.E sustainable consumption

Efficient Use of Energy in the UAE Introduction Efficient use of energy in the UAE is a rising problem because of population growth, increased economic activity, and a rise in potential consumption rates. A conference on sustainability was held in Abu Dhabi by the Energy Working Group (EWG) of the UK...

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