Managing Organisational Change of Kodak

Kodak was a prosperous business in the motion picture sector. However, the business eventually failed because it didn’t recognize a shift in market patterns. Selling movies was the company’s main line of business. It was unaware of the shift in technology from film to digital cameras, which later vanished in…

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Photography: Handheld Cameras

Cameras are taken for granted nowadays; however, they were not always inexpensive, compact, or even that significant. A camera, by definition, is a lightproof object with a lens that captures incoming light and directs it and the resulting image to film in the case of an optical camera or an…

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Cons of the police body cameras

Body Cameras are a form of video and audio surveillance device that law enforcement officers may use to track their interactions with the general population, violent suspects, and their colleagues. A video monitor, a microphone, a charger, and an onboard data retrieval system are the common components of a police…

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the coca cola advert

I watched the coca cola commercial on TV titled “Apply Taste Sensation.” In the advertisement, a sweater goes to a convenience store and orders Coca Cola. The lady on the counter guides him without watching, but later uses the CCTV cameras to watch the man closely while drawing some joy….

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Providing More Accountability for Officers and Community by using bodycams

The body cam, a short version of body camera, is normally a body-worn surveillance device clipped to the top half of the police uniforms to capture arrests, chases, traffic accidents, searches of someone’s house, risks, summonses, crime scenes and general police work. In fact, over the years, bodycams have been…

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Theatre and theatre making

Theatre and theatre making has allowed humans to fly beyond space. Photography strengthened the moon trip, according to Benjamin Grant. Further, like never before, the camera helped people tour the world. The camera also allowed astronauts to view the earth from within and thus to discover occult mysteries. Astronauts have…

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Is it appropriate for cities to use traffic cameras on their roads?

The installation of traffic cameras on city roads is a proposal that some people can easily support while others can easily object to. Individuals who always follow traffic rules are unconcerned about traffic cameras being installed because they believe the cameras will improve traffic management in cities in some way….

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