Essays on Cyber Security

The concept of cyber security was first introduced in 1991 in connection with the spread of digital network technologies, which you can address in your cyber security essay. Our samples of essays below explore origins of cyber security. For example, the word "cyber" originated from the word cybernetics, which from the Greek language is translated as “the gift of governance”. Most cyber security essays explore the modern development of cyber security. Cyber security today is an activity aimed at protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. Therefore, essays on cyber security are often concerned with the activity of hackers. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is especially difficult today as there are more devices than people and hackers are using ever more sophisticated attack methods. Take a peek at our cyber security essay samples below – they will provide some valid points to mare your essay more comprehensive.

National Security Issues in America

National Security National security refers to the guarding of the nation from foreign attacks or any other danger to safeguard its citizens, institutions, and economy. National security is achieved by safeguarding nation secrets and having armed forces in plenty. The act of national security is considered as a government duty. Cyber...

Words: 657

Pages: 3

Phishing Attacks and Counter Measures

Advancement in Technology and Its Impact on Businesses Advancement in technology has played a pivotal role in improving the quality and timely delivery of products and services to customers (Timm & Perez, 2010). Businesses and companies have utilized current innovations in technology to increase production and optimizing their profit margins. Specifically,...

Words: 746

Pages: 3

The Effect of the Security Life Cycle Model on E-Commerce

Security Vulnerabilities in E-commerce Security vulnerabilities have in the recent past affected and changes people’s perception about e-commerce. Cyber-attacks are a major threat to companies with one of the most affected being Yahoo. Over the years, the company has earned global recognition for its web services, which include Yahoo Finance, Yahoo...

Words: 650

Pages: 3

Global Challenges of Securing the Global Cyber Space

Cyberspace can be defined as the ubiquitous space existing in relation to the internet and composes of the internet, social networks, and other infrastructure. Cyberspace has promoted connectivity in the world bringing people together to discuss and share ideas, facts, and other content regardless of the distance of separation. The...

Words: 1651

Pages: 7


The Month for Internet Use and Safety The United States and other countries around the globe have designated October as the Month for Internet Use and Safety because cybersecurity is a crucial strategy. (Office of the Press Secretary, 2017a). I discuss my opinion of the Executive Order with regard to the...

Words: 684

Pages: 3

Identity Theft - Cybersecurity in the 21st Century

Since the dawn of the twenty-first century, news reports of hacking incidents involving significant financial institutions, companies, governmental organizations, and any other location where hackers can acquire personal information and use it to defraud millions of people worldwide have been almost daily. Identity theft is the practice of stealing personally...

Words: 1823

Pages: 7

Comparison between Payoffs and Protection Paradigm in Cyber Security

Information Security and Cybersecurity Information is crucial for every person, business, and nation. Cybersecurity-related problems are significantly impacted by information management systems. Since money can be stolen, information can be corrupted, or data can be concealed because of a system weakness, cyber security has been a source of worry in the...

Words: 1090

Pages: 4

Three Methods of Cyberterrorism Attacks

A physical assault One of the three types of cyber-terrorism, aims to compromise hardware dependability by employing conventional weapons. The technique targets machinery and installations like computer facilities and transmission lines. The deliberate action is primarily motivated by a political goal to obstruct information processing and flow. The goal of the second...

Words: 420

Pages: 2

Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which is intended to improve cybersecurity in the nation, is one of the latest contentious federal laws passed by the 114th Congress of the United States. The legislation was first presented in the Senate on July 10th, 2014, and it was officially signed into...

Words: 2096

Pages: 8

The Yahoo Hack

Yahoo Hacking: Perpetrators and Goals Yahoo has recently experienced two significant data thefts. The first episode happened in 2014 when the personal data of nearly 500 people was stolen, and the most recent one happened in 2016 when the accounts of over a billion people were compromised. These instances actually shed...

Words: 684

Pages: 3

The myths and facts behind cyber security risks for industrial control systems

The author lists several dangers associated with cyber security. It is too expensive for governments and businesses to defend themselves from cybercrime. Due to technological developments, businesses must make sure that their information is secure. Before someone else does it for them, they must make sure to withdraw the money...

Words: 2408

Pages: 9

State Of Oklahoma IT Policy Document

Cybersecurity and the Storage of Critical Information Cybersecurity has posed a challenge to the storage of critical information for both private and public institutions. State governments manage a wide range of information that is critical to the public and thus to the government. In most situations, state governments are in charge...

Words: 1460

Pages: 6

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