mobile commerce

M-Commerce: Advantages and FeaturesM-commerce is another name for mobile commerce. The term "technology" refers to a marketing strategy in which consumers use mobile devices to purchase and sell goods and services. Tablets and cell phones are the gadgets in use in this instance. The technique was introduced by Kevin Duffey...

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perception of reality and negative influence of facebook

Social networks are a comparatively recent invention, but it is safe to say that they have practically changed the lives of millions of people all over the world. All genius is understood to be plain, and the beautiful simplicity of the concept of social networks has brought billions of dollars...

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Drones in Delivery

Introduction Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AUVs), also known as drones, are one of the newest trends in the aerial technology industry, with roots in a variety of other industries.The Importance of Drones The drone has attracted the attention of many investors due to its unique feature of being controlled without the use of...

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Apple and IPad

The caricature illustrates iPad and Daily Newspaper. The caricature illustrates iPad and Daily Newspaper. R.I.P sign and grave are used to indicate termination of the iPad only newspaper. News Corp in 2012 introduced that it would terminate publication of the daily less than two years after the paper made its...

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Effect of Over Reliance on Mobile Technology on Relationships

All about us and how we communicate with our world is evolving as technology continues to become a part of us. According to, technology is a branch of science and knowledge that focuses on the creation of simpler and more technological ways of interacting with culture, civilization, and our immediate...

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The Apple Company

The Apple Company The Apple Company is a computer software and hardware development firm that also manufactures handheld devices. The company is well-known for manufacturing high-quality materials using cutting-edge technologies, which has pushed it to its present position in the technology sector. The Apple Company was founded by former CEO Steve...

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internet addiction

Axiomatically, the snowballing use of contemporary networking gadgets, such as smartphones and computers, has changed everyday society's way of life in the sense that group communications and conversations continue to revolve around the Internet, and as a result, many practitioners and social scientists have given a great boost to exploring...

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Internet Addiction

Introduction Human culture has been revolutionized by the internet and how we do things. It has effectively transformed the world into a 'global village.' It has enabled real-time, unlimited access and sharing of knowledge to facilitate humanity's well-being, development, and prosperity. There is no doubt that society has benefited a lot...

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