Effect of Over Reliance on Mobile Technology on Relationships

All about us and how we communicate with our world is evolving as technology continues to become a part of us. According to, technology is a branch of science and knowledge that focuses on the creation of simpler and more technological ways of interacting with culture, civilization, and our immediate surroundings. The implementation of this expertise contributes to the development of methods to make jobs simpler, relationships easier, and more balanced relations between humanity and the environment. People's relationships with one another have evolved as a result of increased connectivity and dependence on technology. As technology continues to be embedded with gadgets, we use every single moment, they are becoming our partners and companion. The effect of such intensive reliance has led to negative impacts on how we relate to others. Research on the impact of technology on the relationships showed that those who have conversations in the absence of mobile phones showed a higher level of concerns as compared to conversations through mobile technologies (Misra, Genevie, Cheng and Yuan 1). It is also common in modern days where technology controls almost every aspect of our life to see couples fighting due to lack of attention to each other. Turkel (2) observed that children are complaining more about lack of attention from their parents as many of them are always online.Excessive reliance on mobile technologies has also been found to affect our intimacy. As people continue to spend more hours on their cell phones, they increase chances of watching pornography or even engaging in online relationships. A research conducted by Pew in 2014 showed over 10% of partners has found themselves in an argument and conflict due to increase in time they are online. This happens even when people are on a date. It is not strange to see people on a date, but still spending a sizeable amount of time online and ignoring each other’s presence.  In addition, mobile-based technology has also led to an increase in sexting. It is common for young people to engage in sending an explicit message containing sexual contents. All these have reduced the quality of relationship as compared to a decade ago where people would engage in intimate talks face-to-face rather than through technologies (Miller-Ott, Lynne and Robert 3).Psychologists and counselors advise that the quality of relationships that are enhanced by nonverbal communications which include body language, facial expression, and even touching cannot be replicated through technology. It is therefore advisable to manage the time we spend online. It’s only through physical relationships that relationship can attract the intimate and critical connections they serve. Or couples, it is advisable to limit the usage of technology and like a cell phone and increase the time to bonding not only with their partners, but also with their children.In conclusion, although technology has simplified how we do things, they come with negative impacts both on our day-to-day activities and also on our relationships. Technology as a necessary evil should, therefore, be used in a way it helps us lead a better life and minimizes the misery rather than add to our relationship problems.Work citedMisra, Shalini, Cheng, Lulu, Genevie, Jamie, and Yuan, Miao. "The iPhone Effect: the Quality oof in-person Social Interactions in the Presence of Mobile Devices." Environment and Behavior 48.2 (2016): 275-298.Miller-Ott, Aimee E., Lynne Kelly, and Robert L. Duran. "The Effects of Cell Phone Usage Rules on Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships." Communication Quarterly 60.1 (2012): 17-34.Turkle, Sherry. Alone together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other. Hachette UK, 2017.

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