Essays on Computer Security

Wireless security

Utilizing wireless networks to protect computers from harm and illegal access is known as wireless security. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) are the two most used types of wireless security (WEP). WEP is a notoriously lax security protocol. This is due to the fact that a...

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Firewall Policies

Based on the information security rules of the enterprise, Firewall Policy investigates how the firewall should handle network traffic for certain Internet Protocol addresses as well as deal with ranges, protocols, applications, and content kinds. The policy also provides precise instructions on how to handle modifications to the established rules...

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About Risk Analysis and Preventive Security

The advancement in computational power, particularly among computers, logical programmable units, communications link and networking, artificial intelligence, and robotics, has provided the world with a more efficient and faster way to improve the way we interact, whether by communications or performing complex tasks such as scientific computations, simulations, and even...

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Key Concepts of Cyber Security

Cyber protection refers to the whole mechanism that is intended to protect an information system from foreign intrusions such as threats and unauthorized access that could harm or reveal the information of a specific entity. In some circles, computer protection is often referred to as information security; thus, for the...

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Young Children and Technology: Building Computer Literacy

Computers surround the young children in the community, homes and early childhood schooling programs. Therefore teachers need to build laptop literacy at this very early age. Facilitating young children to have the knowledge and improvement in computers plays an integral phase in their educational careers. Careful planning of computer rooms...

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About Computer Crime

The data and information stored, or transmitted digitally, are digital proofs also known as electronic proofs and can be submitted to the Court by a party (Welty, 2015). It includes electronic knowledge, digital imaging, video recordings and audiotapes. The best proof is given by well displayed electronic evidence. Precise and...

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