Essays on Effects of Technology

Physical Security Threats and Solutions

Advances in information technology have resulted in the development of new computer-based systems. The mechanisation of large industries has simplified their functioning. Because of the reliance on computer systems, this has resulted in the creation of a severe threat. Hackers have the ability to create malicious computer programs with the...

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Adolescence and Adulthood Sexting

The act of sending exclusive and sexy texts to one's spouse is known as sexting (Temple, 2015). The growth of technology, which increases people's online visibility, adds to a high rate of sexting in adults and teenagers (Henderson, 2011). Peer pressure, the need for affirmation, and social media presence are...

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Animal Transgenic Technology

While modern technological advancements have greatly increased the issues facing the world's population, other areas of technology have significantly changed people's lifestyles and living conditions. As an illustration, the development of transgenic animal technology has significantly aided in reducing the impending obstacles in livestock production and revolutionized the medical and...

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Research Statement

The goal of my research was to examine how people and technology interact nowadays and how it affects people's quality of life as a whole. I came to the conclusion that technology was being used to enhance human intelligence in an endeavor to construct a supermind that would be able...

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Technological advancement and its consequences

In the present world, technology has completely changed how photography and the film industry are practiced. The development of technology is said to have influenced the development of art throughout history. According to statistics, both businesses are eager to spend money on cutting-edge machinery that would boost their output quality...

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Solutions in IT

Business Requirements Overview The business requirements for Kelly's salon were examined in the phases that came before. For instance, in the second stage of the project, a functional business analysis for the case was carried out by outlining the procedures, actions, and anticipated results from the suggested system. The different IT...

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History of watchmaking

Watchmaking is a well-known specialty of Smith & Bradley Limited. The URL to their new watch is After conducting campaigns to gauge market acceptance of the design, the corporation decided to move through with the strategy. The filmmaker claims that before beginning production, they seek customer market approval (Smith...

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Positive Effects of Technology

The twenty-first century has seen an increase in technological inventions, some of which have had a positive impact on people's lives, including the field of education. While students in colleges, high schools, and even universities use computers to improve their research and completion of assignments, tutors, educators, and professors also...

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Technology and Equity in Education

Elise Chen explores the importance of implementing educational technologyElise Chen explores the importance of implementing educational technology in all schools to ensure it serves all students in her MIT article "Increasing equity through educational technology" published on August 30, 2017. This article focuses on how to ensure educational equity and...

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Technology and the Growth and Development of Character

This notion is aimed at investigating how the use of technology affects the personality or as a substitute the character of the user. This is in terms of how the character of an person grows, develops and shapes itself in relation to the said individual’s consumption of modern day technology....

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Evaluating the Effects of Robotic Vehicles on Humans

Introduction People have become accustomed to driving their traditional cars, thus regulating their comfort. However, with the development of robotic vehicles, our ability to monitor our defense is jeopardized because it would be delegated to machines. We are currently at risk of dying as a result of accidents caused by the...

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Technology and its Impact on College Students

Technology has recently taken hold in culture, having a wide range of effects. Across the world, technology and its disruptive consequences are on the rise. Any world, population, and area of human life are affected by technology's negative effects. The technological aspects that have led to these cases have been...

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