Technology and Equity in Education

Elise Chen explores the importance of implementing educational technology in all schools to ensure it serves all students in her MIT article “Increasing equity through educational technology” published on August 30, 2017. This article focuses on how to ensure educational equity and use it to improve education among different groups of economically diverse people in society rather than benefiting the wealthy. The aspect of equity has been difficult to achieve so far due to the barriers to implementing technology in education. This necessitates the implementation of assistance programs in low-income areas. Equity in education has not been achieved for so long and therefore proper models are needed to address technological implementation.

The article explores how Justin Reich has been involved in ensuring that technology effectively brings equity in schools. According to the writer, there are numerous barriers that have hindering the integration of technology in lessons. The new technologies have the power of improving the learning of the students. With nearly all school having laptops and power, there are other many pieces in a complex system need to be working seamlessly to make the exercise successful. Reich emphasizes on the importance of addressing the barriers that prevent the students from low income families from enjoying the fruits low cost technology just like those from the rich back grounds. The setting of the education systems in the country end up creating social hierarchies and more barriers to achieving equity in this sector (Chen, Elise). Together with other stakeholders, Reich is working towards improving the quality and quantity of education through proper classroom technology. Through such measures, equity in education will be achieved.

I agree with the article that though great strides have been made in infusing technology into school, there is still a lot that needs to be done so as to ensure equity between schools in low and high income areas. More resources need to be invested in resources that support technical support for students and teachers during the learning process. This will ensure that technology doesn’t fail. Many schools in the low income areas have experienced low pace of implementation of the support infrastructures due to competing and lack of resources (Chen, Elise). The involvement of teacher organizations such as National Education Association in formulating measures of integrating technology into education can be a useful measure. Furthermore, educating parents and the business community can be a useful strategy in ensuring that they fully support implementation of technology, especially in low-income areas. District and state efforts can be used to secure more funding for school technology by lobbying for grants from the federal government, coming up with partnerships with commercial and private enterprises so as to finance infrastructural development that supports technology implementation in low income families.

If effectively implemented, technology can contribute to the achievement of equity in the education sector. Lack of proper infrastructure to support the technology is one of the greatest factors that hinder the implementation of technology among low income earners. There is need for the education department to ensure that these systems that support technology are working seamlessly so that they don’t interact the implementation. Once such barriers are addressed, all schools, regardless of whether in poor or rich neighborhood will gain a lot from technology. This will foster equity in the education.

Work Cited
Chen, Elise. “Increasing Equity Through Educational Technology.” MIT News, 30 Aug. 2017,

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