Essays on Dependence on Technology

Technology and its Impact on College Students

Technology has recently taken hold in culture, having a wide range of effects. Across the world, technology and its disruptive consequences are on the rise. Any world, population, and area of human life are affected by technology's negative effects. The technological aspects that have led to these cases have been...

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Artificial Intelligences on the Economy

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Labor Market Humans have proved over time to be imaginative and inventive enough to influence developments that were previously just imagined. Today, we have accepted technology as a part of our everyday lives and it does too much for us to make our lives easier....

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The Selfie

Technology and Selfies in Contemporary Society Technology plays a critical role in our everyday lives; we live in a society that is increasingly dependent on technology. Several advances have emerged in the modern past; they are groundbreaking inventions that continue to transform the diverse ways of life. Photography has not been...

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