Essays on Computer Hacking

Robert Ulbricht

Young computer criminal Robert Ulbricht ran a darknet marketplace. The Federal Bureau of Investigations detained him in 2015, and he was later charged with a number of felonies, including money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to trade narcotics. (Aspinall, 2014). He used the internet alias The Dread Pirate Roberts. He...

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Hacking and legal punishment

Hacking and its Impact Hacking is a serious issue that has an international impact. Using the application of general difference theory, social learning theory, and social bond theory, the research study will evaluate the illegal hacking behavior. Illegal hacking, which primarily targets personal accounts, government websites, and organizational data, has had...

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Case Study of JLA Enterprise

Network vulnerabilities Network vulnerabilities, according to Jing et al., are caused by the system's ineffective security procedures, which might be disregarded by undesired traffic (2014). Network intrusion Network intrusion is the term used to describe unwanted access to and activity within a computer network. A recent network attack that happened as a result...

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Political activism through hacking

The Role of Hacktivism in Anonymous' Activism The article delves into the underlying political activism that is carried out through hacking. In essence, one of Anonymous' key identities is hacking critical information to support activism. A critical examination of Hacktivism delves into the emphasis on cybercrime combined with the noble purpose...

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Prevention Measures and Web Security Threats

Web application and data server threats Web application and data server threats are on the rise; as a result, they are at the heart of every firm that stores sensitive financial information, client records, and even corporate data. Web apps are software that is used during an Internet browsing event, whereas...

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Physical Security Threats and Solutions

Advances in Information Technology Advances in information technology have resulted in the development of new computer-based systems. The mechanisation of large industries has simplified their functioning. Because of the reliance on computer systems, this has resulted in the creation of a severe threat. Hackers have the ability to create malicious computer...

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curious case of gary mckinnons

The United States accused Gary McKinnon, a Scottish man, of breaking into Defense Department and NASA computer networks. McKinnon confessed to committing the crime in order to uncover the truth behind the secrecy surrounding Free Energy and UFOs (Gold, 2014). His illegal acts are said to have been affected by...

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Computer Hacking

The existence of computer hacking mechanisms has grown over the years due to the enhanced technology and programs. Indeed, the speed and accuracy that have been being used by the hackers in the previous years has tremendously grown, therefore giving them an upper hand in accessing information easily. Password hacking...

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