Hacking issue or crime

Today, most firms face life-threatening and disruptive cyberattacks like hacking, network failures, computer viruses, and others. The possibility of exploitation rises with increased digitization. Despite growing investment in digital asset protection by organizations, it is difficult to go a week without a significant security breach. The attacks are conducted for increasingly sophisticated financial gains. The advanced persistent threat, which penetrates a company and spreads the corporate assets over a lengthy period of time while remaining undetected, is one of the worst challenges that businesses are currently facing. The likelihood of a hacking team being destroyed has increased. This essay intends to explore the safety strategies employed by the companies to safeguard their private data and information. The study uses a qualitative design, which is meant to understand a particular phenomenon. This study deals with the importance of network security in the companies. It is obvious that the higher vulnerability extremely correlates with the high level of malware and Cyber-attacks. It is important to mention that the cyber attacks and malware are becoming hard to detect as well as to mitigate. This paper would recommend several ways to ensure data security in the companies including getting reliable office hardware, training employees, keeping spies out of email, and getting the SLL for your website etc. Cybersecurity is an important issue to run any business smoothly and it is a profound agenda and should never be ignored.


Society, organizations, and corporations have become highly intertwined with the online technologies in terms of storage and transmission of essential information. Cybersecurity is the body of processes, procedures, and technologies designed to protect data, programs, networks, and computers from unauthorized access, damage, and hacking (Wang 137). Collaborative efforts can minimize cyber threats and enhance security in information systems. The organizations, which are more subjected to the attacks include the government agencies, military, stores, health centers, and corporations which transmit essential information across the networks (Amin, 1964). The common cybersecurity includes hacking, computer viruses and network outrages which are life-threatening as well as inconvenient (Choo 13).

The key role of the cybersecurity in the organization is to protect the data from any attack and ensure the smooth running of the business. Organizations currently depend on the computers to run most of the business that includes the strategic planning, in research as well as in marketing. The productivity of the organizations depends on robust information technology with secured database. Hence, it is essential for the computer system to remain free from any unauthorized access which may alter the business functionality. Failure to secure the systems may lead to loss of employees, competitive information, essential data, organization’s integrity and even the public trust (Czosseck 30). The loss may lead to bankruptcy which has happened in various organizations. For example, Dutch company DigiNotar in the process of issuing a certificate to their customers, a security breach occurred which led to the issuance of fraudulent documents. The scenario led the customers to lose trust in the company, leading to the bankruptcy of the company in 2011 (Abrams 27).

Research problem

In the current scenario, cybercrime is all-pervading and poses a great threat to computer systems which are vulnerable to data theft and even threatens the national security of many countries. The attacks are meant for stealing, destroying or altering an individual network in most cases for financial gains. They are labeled as the cyber warfare, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-campaign which range from malware installation to national infrastructure destruction. Cyber-attacks are prevalent even in most data protected cases, and are hard to detect before the actual attack (Rowe 123).The SIEM and the user behavior analytics are used for the attacks prevention.

Cyber-attacks have already taken a huge toll on the company’s finances. The breach despite the taken measures does not seem to reduce at a significant level. In the United States, it is said that the cost of enterprises’ data breach has risen by 11% from that of 2016. The cost of the breach was estimated to be at $1.2 million in 2016 while that of 2017 is $1.3 million which is an 11% rise (Von 98).

The cybersecurity is becoming an investment due to the percentage of the total funds used on it. In 2017, enterprises in the United States used 18% of their revenue on the IT security. Upkeeping cybersecurity and its maintenance causes a huge burden on organizations but the small enterprises are bearing the brunt (Von 101). They can lead to the loss of media or devices, which consist of essential data. It can as well result in electronic leakage of data, inappropriate use of the IT resources, viruses and malware, which are very expensive to eliminate. Hence, the network breach is costly when it attacks the organization. It should be taken care of at war footing to secure the IT-enabled services. This research will focus on looking for the best ways with the help of which organizations can be protected from possible c yber-attacks.

Role of Cybersecurity

Assets Protection

All the administrative facilitations including intangible assets are usually managed through network systems. It is compulsory to safeguard them, as the assets could include the companies’ patents, employee contract, and licensing agreements etc. Companies’ documents need to go through this essential activity, the mission and organization functions are supposed to be secure and protected from any harm.

Cybersecurity protects the organization from theft of valuable company information, trade secrets, and IP which may lead to shutting down the business, financial loss, and business relationship breakdown. Google has been one of the organizations, which have experienced the similar threat in 2010 by the Chinese hackers through hacking the network systems. Because of this incidence, the business relations between China and Google were affected.

Protection of Business Activities/Functions

The Internet is the platform through which many services are provided in organizations. In the financial institutions, electronic banking transactions are conducted 24-hours a day for the fund’s access as well as securing the transactions. Lack of security can lead to service denial and temporary electronic service shut down. The service denial for hours has been evident in many organizations which have resulted in the loss of customers as well as the damage to company’s reputation.

Company’s Records Protection

Network system holds essential information on the organization’s physical assets, employees, access codes, passwords and the financial records for carrying out specific tasks. The information needs to be secured from hacking by a third party through unauthorized modification. For example, Russian hackers broke through the American security systems and stole 1.2 million passwords. The hacking has been able to go to the extent of modifying chemicals in the water treatment facilities through the IT networks systems vulnerability.

Protection of Customers and Clients

Personal information for customers is stored in the network systems. Network system exploitation is the direct result of the internal security failures, which may lead to jeopardizing of the clients’ private information. The access of private information leads to misinterpretation and identity theft. Poor security makes the private information of the clients vulnerable to certain dreadful attacks. The hacking can be used to access essential information such as health records, social media, and bank accounts. For example, eBay cyber breach resulted in personal information exploitation of its clients and nearly 145 million eBay accounts were hacked. Hence, cybersecurity is essential to the company.

The information security control usually protects an organization’s business functions, and it should be considered in the business lifecycle. The organizations usually subscribe for cybersecurity as an audit which is meant for the security needs. The review is essential for the development and planning of effective measure for securing the organization’s resources.

Findings and Analysis of the Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks have led to huge damages to the many organizations throughout the world such as the unnamed German steel mill in 2015. The employees were tricked to open a malicious attachment in an email that led to the infiltration of the corporate networks. After the opening of the attachment, the malware was installed; the IT systems were reaped around resulting in the blast system damage which went to the extent of the shutdown of the blast furnace that damaged the records (Wang 1345).

The hacking was unexpected because the workers thought that the process of steel manufacturing cannot be connected to the internet (Rowe 127; Wang, 1347). Despite the case, the operational and enterprise technology, as well as the convergence of IT, software and hardware, which control the physical equipment, have made the threat greater. It is quite prominent that the cybersecurity is being taken for granted. Many of the executive members do not seem to be serious about investing in it. The issue should be the main agenda in the office since they have led to numerous organizations’ fall. Many of the leaders have not realized that the body has become digital and no longer paper-based. Lack of awareness can be said to be the key concern behind the organizations failing to invest in the cybersecurity.

Most of the companies treat cybersecurity as an undesirable cost. They invest less in this sector that results in putting the confidential information on the edge. Cyber-attacks can easily pass through poor network security resulting in a bigger loss. Despite the unwillingness to invest in the same, there is a way the organization’s leadership can be encouraged to act on the same. The key suggestion is to make the customers care about the cybersecurity. Organizations work in accordance to the public awareness on issues. Cyber-security can easily become an imprisonable offense; hence, the organization board should take the issues more seriously.

Cyber-Risks Caused by Employees

The company’s network security system can be exposed to the external threat when employees access their personal emails and other online resources on corporate computers. Such activity leads to the poor security system. Previously, people used to be more threatened by the external hacker than the internal but things have changed. Those who have legitimate access to the systems are more harmful to the organizations than the external individuals.

Technological advancement has given authority to few countries to have control over other nation’s networks and thrown open their national security. The harm that may be caused by this may not be too loud or physical, but the information may be used to make the nations vulnerable to an impending threat by taking their intellectual property and moving it to other markets which can lead to the country’s destabilization. The issue has led to a misconception that the hacking can only be done by the highly skilled professional without knowing that even the kids can easily download the malware.

How to Protect the Company from Attacks

There is usually no measure which can be used to eliminate the attacks but safeguarding the companies from such is essential. There are many ways which can be utilized by the organizations to prevent this. The methods used to protect the organization from attack are discussed below.

Active Prevention Strategy

It is the approach which takes into consideration the company’s requirements and their distinctive needs. The framework comprises of four pillars which include active monitoring, security attentiveness, administrative activities and organizational culture. Each of this concepts addressed will profoundly reduce the breach.

Organization Culture

Cultural development is a long-term measure but any change in the organization should have a top-down approach. In most cases, the information security team is generally on the lower level in the hierarchy of the organization (Ralston 585). The hierarchy in the organization shows the least importance to the security systems and their protection by employing someone at the lower rung of the ladder to overlook the systems. Creation of the chief representative of the executive board is a unique way of prioritizing security. The position will help in the smooth communication process between the team members (Trim 34). The members prioritize it as the key agenda of the organization. The organization should create a culture where the workforces are well informed about the information safety in their companies to help them give it utmost preference. And creating a culture of responsibility among employees helps to take care of the company security. Hence, the business should create the security-centric culture, where everyone contributes to the same; those who perform well in such should be rewarded (Rowe 87).

Administrative Activities

For addressing the security concerns, there are many administrative activities that the company needs to put forward. The events’ success depends on the ability of the organization to implement procedures and policies that adequately meets the organization’s needs. Security awareness and training include the effective methods of enhancing security in the organization. The training is dependent on the essential knowledge and the responsibility of the employees of the organization. For example, individuals who are associated with data management and data access bear more responsibilities towards the maintenance of high security. For those operating in the security arena, the team should consider developing base-level standards for others who also work there. In order to meet its goals, the company needs to facilitate its network security system.

Security Attentiveness

Data safety should include security implementation and design as well as the development of organizations’ infrastructure (Von 99). The organizations’ system needs to be upgraded or replaced with a new one which is stronger against any kind of attack. Strictly speaking, the company does not need to comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which ensures that the security measures are adhered to (Hong 1650). It should be self-reliable.

Complying with NIST provides a good platform for any starting organization to ensure they are free from any threat. The time is taken to determine when the breach takes place and the most important security measure is implemented accordingly. Recognizing any attack is highly determined by the real-time activities through the system monitoring and management. The organizational level monitoring should incorporate system testing, threat awareness, documentation and account management as well as remediation.

Every company exists at the edge of an attack. Concrete security measures can be employed to upgrade the network security system of the company to postpone any kind of attack. Also, consistent efforts need to be made in order to remain updated with the latest developments in the security systems to protect the private and confidential data of the company. Following the steps which incorporate security in the executive as well as in operation can reduce the likelihood of any security break.

Setting a Day to Monitor the Credit Card Statements

Review of the credit statement may seem obvious but a security measure is immediately called into action as soon as information about any possible threat is received. Frequent reviews of the security systems would add more maturity to the existing security strategies of the company. Also, continuous reviews provide room for raising the alarm on anything which is questionable prompting an immediate investigation which will prevent the further effect (Abrams 34).

Signing up for the Real-Time Alerts

Most of the credit card companies as well as banks usually have a notification alert for any kind of financial deal. It is also wise to set a purchase limit on your credit or debit card to minimize the losses. An attempt to buy the limit can be notified over the message, email or through a phone call which will ensure that the fraud is noticed on time and the organization and the client are well protected (Von Solms and Van Niekerk 37). Financial transactions could be more protected if the concerned organization takes care of the security.

Keeping the Organization Information Private

Any kind of data or/and information of a company is vulnerable to multiple threats. It is wise for all the custodians of private information to take extra precautions on who they talk to. The more talks on an issue, the more likely the fraudsters get information to run an attack. Clients and customers are contacted by hackers and attackers (Van den Berg et al., 45). Therefore, it is important for any employer to not to share any details including password or any essential information to the unsolicited callers. Secondly, it is important for everyone in the organization to ensure that the links sent to them are valid before opening them to avoid the malware virus attack. The “https” links are usually secure and it is important to provide the employees with the training to protect the company information and data (Amin 35).

Changing the Password Routinely and Making It Secure

It is essential to have a secure password which cannot be guessed by any fraudster. Studies show that most of the employees in the organization have weak password making aptitude, making the cyber-attack easier. They create the passwords by using their birth name, initials, their job numbers or so which can be easily guessed. When the attackers get hold of the password, they usually make the personal data vulnerable (Liu 345). Hence, the organization should encourage their employees to be creative in making their password secure by combining the letters, symbols, and numbers which have no connection to any kind of personal information.

Subscribe to Identity Protection

The malware attackers usually get the personal information by taking the details of the credit card to breach into the accounts. There are companies which can monitor the credit cards on the access of the personal information for a fee. They provide a legitimate service which ensures that the personal data is secure from any attack.

It is evident that most of the information that is present in the computer networks are susceptible to attacks. One of the known attacks is the Neiman Marcus or the target hack which represents a planned attack on a particular target. Every individual should take the discussed steps to ensure that their information is protected from the cyber theft.

Employee’s Training

The employers of the company could be a cause of the threat to the company security. Enhancing the overall security in the organization can only be effectively achieved by training the employees. Making the employee aware and educated about safety of data would ensure its protection (Wang 1345). At some point, the executives do not understand where to start in training due to the emerging technologies and a multitude of regulations. The organization is expected to cover the data protection act, social network, and the PCI data security standard. Three key pieces of training need to be conducted for efficient improvement of the overall security.

In the employee information awareness training programs the workers are trained to handle data in the best possible way. Essential security skills are provided to them to understand the need of the security better regarding the company along with its customers and clients. Data protection policies are formulated and implemented according to the possible security threats. The training ensures that the employees are up to date with the ongoing information (Fielder 20). With the help of the employee information, the personnel can explain certain issues to the customers such as how to carry out their credit card transactions.

Formulation of networking policies should take the company’s online activity into consideration (Kuypers 34). The employees are trained to use the social networking websites safely (Kuypers 70). They are to be well informed about how to operate the websites. The human resource training is one platform the organization should invest in to ensure that the employees are not a threat.

Cybersecurity Tools

Companies use several information technology tools to protect their companies from the possible security attacks. The tools are intended to ensure data security and maintain the confidentiality of the information. The tools that could be used to minimize internal, as well as external security threats, are as follows: SIEMs, data loss prevention, behavior analytics, and activity monitoring (Herath 155).


The Security Information and Event Management monitors the data shared internally or externally. The event managers usually create the data feed which can be tracked at any time. The information managers often store the data that could be used for future reference. Several SIEMs players include the Splunk, IBM and the Hewlett Packard enterprise.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLPs) is a security system designed to protect the data from any external threat. The most used cyber security for this purpose includes the Intel securities, MacAfee DLP and RSA.

Behavior Analytics

The nascent field usually combines the machine learning and data crunching to note the compromised accounts and an internal threat. The analytic tool is designed in a way that whenever an employee tries to deviate from the norm, he or she is identified for a necessary action immediately. There are companies which offer the analytic services that include the Rapid7, Securonix, and RedOw. The most commonly used tool is the Scout that is an email analysis tool. It is designed by Stroz Friedberg.

Activities Monitoring

An employee is responsible to notice any possible threat and trigger an alert. The employee is the guardian of the company’s data. The monitoring tool can be used to capture screenshots, keystrokes, as well as to disable the outgoing email traffic. The key monitoring tools include the digital guardian cell and the Raytheon.


Cyber-attacks are meant to breach the security systems of the companies in order to invade their privacy for personal benefits. Hacking includes one of the effective security breaching tactics used mostly to enter into the private domain of the company. The level of the attacks increases with time. It is because of the less interest of the company leaders to invest in upgrade of the company security system (Liu 78). The cybersecurity is essential in protecting the private data to ensure smooth functioning of the company in order to determine its growth and financial success.

Cybersecurity includes the protection of assets, business activities/functions, company’s records and the customers and clients as well. The cyber-attack can be either external or internal. The internal attack arises from the employees who can perform it intentionally or unintentionally by installing of a malware virus. The cyber-attack usually has several adverse effects on the organization. It results in the reputational and financial loss of the company; even the trust factor of the company could be under menace (Trim 98).

Cyber-attack can adversely affect the growth of the company. The companies can be protected from cyber-attack through active prevention strategy which encompasses the consumer needs as well as the organization's resources (Ralston 587). Other protection strategies include setting a day to monitor the credit card statements, keeping the organization information private, changing the password routinely and making it secure, Subscribe to identity protection and employees training etc. There are several cybersecurity tools which can be used to protect the organization from the internal attack. The tools comprise the SIEMs, data loss prevention, behavior analytics, and the activity monitoring. These tools ensure security from likely cyber-attacks. It is not possible to eliminate the cyber-attacks completely but, it can be postponed or retaliated. Therefore, frequent update of the company’s security system could strengthen its reputation.

The organization should understand the impact of the cyber-attack and seek to invest in all the activities that may result in its elimination. However, a company’s employee could also be a cause of the threat. The company should highly invest in human resource management by the training the staff and in purchasing the tools that can help the employees to monitor possible attacks. A company can reinforce its security system by taking necessary actions through proactive and compressive security approaches.

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