National Security Issues in America

National Security

National security refers to the guarding of the nation from foreign attacks or any other danger to safeguard its citizens, institutions, and economy. National security is achieved by safeguarding nation secrets and having armed forces in plenty. The act of national security is considered as a government duty. Cyber hacking is among the major discussed issues about national security in America. Cyber hacking is a rapidly developing threat to citizens in America. Statistics unveil that cyber hacking has exceeded other crimes such as drug trafficking (Snow 40). The issue affects both the private and public sectors. Cyber hacking is posing a threat to the security of the nation and its citizens.

Solutions to Reduce Cyber Hacking

America has been trying to come with solutions to reduce cyber hacking. First, tough penalties have been established for cyber-related offense, developing programs of cyber security to detect threats and risks and legislation of America to conduct a comprehensive survey of entire measures of cyber security after every five years. Second, to strengthen New York's Data Security Act by placing a law that demand provision of a notice to the office of Attorney General in New York and individual consumers in case of infraction of private information (Snow 40). However, putting in place tough penalties is the ideal to prevent breaching of private information of citizens. The programs developed would help in detecting threats and risks, therefore, helping the nation to prepare and come up with the appropriate ways to deal with the issue. The assessment of the measures would help in enhancing New York State's Cyber Security.

Different Levels of Government Responsibilities

Different levels of the government have different responsibilities. Local government makes particular laws of a certain area. Residents, citizens, and visitors in the area are subjected to these laws. State government place laws of a particular state. Visitors and citizens must follow the laws. However, in both local and state government, visitors are subjected to the laws only when they have visited the particular area and state respectively (Bowman, Ann and Richard 100). The federal government is responsible for making and enforcing federal laws to guarantee order and firmness in the society. Federal laws are similar as they are enacted to all visitors and citizens in regardless of where they are in the United States. The federal government also controls country's economy, represents the interest of the state abroad and responsible for national security. Cyber hacking among other national security issues would be dealt with by the federal government.

Branches of the Federal Government

The federal government has three branches which include the executive, legislative and judicial. The executive comprises of the president, deputy president, and the cabinet members. President has the primary power, therefore, he appoints the deputy president and cabinet members to lead corresponding departments. Executive branch helps federal government is conducting its activities by enforcing laws. The legislative branch comprises of the Senate and House of Representatives. The number of representatives in every state varies as it is state's population that determines. There are two senators in every state. Legislative distribute fund to federal government activities and approval of national laws (McKay 50). Lastly, judiciary comprises of supreme courts in the United States and bottom federal courts. The nine justices on the Supreme Court are picked and approved by the president and Senate respectively. The chosen justices hold the office till they die, resign, impeached or retire. Supreme Court listens to case that oppose or need the interpretation of legislation constitutionality. Bottom federal courts deal with the case such as conflicts between states, bankruptcy cases, maritime laws, treaties and laws of public ministries and U.S ambassadors among others cases. However, Supreme Court usually appeals judgments by bottom federal courts.

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