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The post-blackness essay

The term "post-blackness" refers to a philosophical movement that originated in the field of art. The primary goal of this movement is to establish a reconciliation between American understandings of race and the experiences of African-Americans in the late twentieth and early twentieth centuries. The term "post-blackness" was coined by...

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Universalism in art

The idea of universalism in art postulates that people have a common sense of what is beautiful and ugly in works of art. All cultures around the world share a common appreciation for artistic characteristics like texture, color, shape, music, speed, and sensory pleasure. Since both traditional and contemporary works...

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The Works of Art of Asia

As its appreciation invites others to marvel at the artist's distinctive point of view, art transcends cultural, political, and social barriers. There are various forms of artistic expression, and each one has characteristics that relate more to its genesis. Asian artworks are particularly valued around the world because they show...

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An Analysis of Jasper Johns' According to What

A new type of art that featured works in which painters covered their canvases with abstract forms and fields of color flourished in the 1940s and 1950s in the United States. The term "Abstract Expressionism" was widely adopted by a group of artists whose works and artistic philosophies reflected the...

Words: 1986

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How United States Culture is affected by or intersects with Israel/Palestine

People have utilized artistic creations to entertain themselves, to express their ideas, and to convey stories about their past throughout the history of the world. Additionally, political purposes have been served via the use of artistic creations like paintings, literature, and photographs. They are thus instruments for telling tales of...

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Music History view by franz brendel

Franz Brendel was a journalist, musicologist, and critic who was born in Stolberg, Germany. He researched, taught, and wrote various histories of European music in 1846. Brendel established the new German School in 1859, where he used several German music styles. Because of his conservatism, he was the most well-known...

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Graffiti: Is Art or Vandalism

Graffiti is a term that was developed from the Latin word graffiare, which was subsequently translated into the Italian word graffito, which literally means "to scratch." It means to engrave or create (White 2). Since the messages they conveyed were not constrained by social or political norms, this form of...

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The Concerns That Art Historians Have

Any piece of art can be dated in a variety of ways by art historians. This also goes by the name of chronology. If a historian does not already know the date of a monument, they are unable to provide a specific date. However, historians have developed a variety of...

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Chinese 17th Century Painting; Wu Bin, Fantastic Rock for Mi Wanzhong, 1610.

One of the most well-known painters during the Ming Dynasty, which lasted from 1573 to 1620, was Wu Bin. Wu Bin's moniker, "Zhiyin Toutuo," meant a mendicant monk who was hidden at the temple by three branches. His "Wenzhong" was his social name. Putian, in the province of Fujian, is...

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Michelangelo stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries as one of the most well-known, revered, and praised Italian artists of the Renaissance period, both in his own lifetime and among the contemporary icons of art. The Pieta and David statues, along with the Sistine Chapel frescoes, are among the important...

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Formal analysis in Art History of Bowel

His concubine Azada put Bahram Gur to the test in a series of dares to demonstrate his proficiency with the bow. So, while Azada plays the harp, he uses a single arrow to pin a gazelle's ear and hoof together. The Persian epic Shahnama has a devastating epilogue at the...

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The Renaissance Artwork

The plague, the Hundred Years' War, and the instability in the Catholic Church that rocked everyone's faith occurred in the 14th century, a time of major calamity. It appears that throughout this time, which is referred to as the Renaissance period, Europeans wanted a new beginning and a cultural revival....

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