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Modern Art and Politics relationship

Artists deviated from old styles at the end of the nineteenth century to create new era of art. The origins of modernism and contemporary art can be traced back to the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution’s advances in technology, production, and transportation had a significant effect on the economic, social,…

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IN THE ANCIENT MIDDLE EAST Art History: Visions, sorcery, and spirits

In visions, individuals in the ancient Middle East pursued divine intervention or spiritual guide. The best term used to characterize visitation by deities, the deceased, spirits or gods is growth. There is a multicultural tradition of incubation activities and the approaches differ greatly. Magic divination and witchcraft were used by…

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Romanticism as an intellectual and cultural movement

Romanticism is an intellectual and cultural movement that emerged from the late 18th to the mid-19th centuries in Europe. Many types of art, such as music, painting, historiography and criticism, define it. This European revolution was mainly concerned with people as opposed to culture (Holland 304). Romanticism has different aspects,…

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The Gothic Revival Style in Art History

The Gothic Revival style is a revival of architecture that took place in the early nineteenth century in England. Around 1840 to about 1880, the Renaissance happened when Victorian artists chose to build on previous classical styles. The architectural Gothic Revival is often referred to as Victorian Gothic or Neo-Gothic,…

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Art history

Throughout its two-century history, art history has been an intricate but often shaky enterprise. Art history has always been obsessed with establishing and preserving modernity. Documenta II, on the other hand, altered critical and curatorial trends of contemporary art by exploring avant-garde art in the field. Documenta II undoubtedly increased…

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Romanticism and Realism in Literature

There have been various fields that characterize the various styles of art throughout history. The arts produced during these periods have distinct characteristics that set them apart from those created in previous eras or later. It means that even the artists who existed in these periods only possessed certain characteristics…

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Art History: the neoclassic and romantic eras

Line is an instrumental element of art. During the 18th and the 19th century, different era of art came forward and was differentiated on the methods to use. In the above stated century, Neoclassical and Romanticism controlled the field of art. As such the need to compare and contrast their…

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Introduction to Art

Introduction Art has a significant role it plays in Art history. It has had and it still has an impact in our lives, not only in our immediate environment but also throughout the ages. It is widespread and can be found and experienced everywhere. In the houses we live in…

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Baroque style in painting and sculpture

The Baroque style and technique is used in painting, sculpture and various work of art. It is a style that uses exagerated motion to communicate a clear message that can easily be understood and interpreted. Index Artist Date Title/Description Key areas that fit in the style Reason for choosing the…

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Art History: The Virgin Adoring the Host

One of the significant artists of the 18th and 19th century is Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, a French painter that contributed to classical arts through his neoclassic characteristics. An example of one of his famous pieces is The Virgin Adoring the Host, it is dated to 1852 and measures 40.3…

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The Comparison of the Artworks of Aphrodite and the Venus of Willendorf

Art comparison: Playing an inherent role in the society is the Artwork of Aphrodite and Venus of Willendorf. This Art History depicts the way of life of a certain generation and the basic reason for the appropriation of artefacts by scientists and historians. When properly analysed these artefacts tell the…

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Famous Artworks: Art History

Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Mone Cassai popularly called “Masaccio” is one of the greatest artists of all time and a notable contributor of the early renaissance with famous artworks including that of the florentine. He was refered to as “Masaccio” and he died at 27 years, but his artistic…

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