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The Renaissance and The Reformation

The Renaissance and its Influence The Renaissance was a cultural movement which significantly influenced European intellectual life. The movement started in Italy and spread to other parts of Europe during the 16th century. The influence of Renaissance was felt in religion, science, politics, art, philosophy, and other aspects of intellectuality. Moreover,...

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The Artist Barnett Newman's Aesthetics is for Art What Ornithology Is for the Birds

The relationship between two aspects that entail human involvement has always been a subject of philosophical discussions between experts in the respective fields and philosophers. Similarly, individuals’ perspectives can be interpreted and discussed based on certain philosophical school of thoughts that may seek to challenge or assert the claims that...

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I. Describe the artifact in detail. For instance, how would you describe it to someone who could not see it? [You practiced this 2-4-1 Short Answer: Seeing Your Artifact in a New Light.] Your response might include basic and technical details about the...

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Artistic Convention in Byzantine Iconography

The artistic convention does not show up for the first time. It is a piece which is incredibly common in churches. It is familiar with various churches. Social and religious significance The artistic image is expressing fundamental realism within the faith of Christians. It shows the Divine Majesty for the ruler as...

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A Comparative Study of Carpaccio and Rembrandt

A paint is an amalgamation of thoughts, talent, and emotions which are meant to communicate concealed messages and ideas. Two paintings stand out in this case, Carpaccio s The Lion of Saint Mark and Rembrandt s Titus at His Desk. The Lion of Saint Mark...

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Analysis of Gustave Courbet's "The Stonebreakers"

Gustave Courbet and The Stone Breakers Art Gustave Courbet painted the Stone Breakers art in 1849 during the period of social realism. The painting is a depiction of young and old peasant men breaking rocks. The picture was destroyed in 1945 along with other 154 paintings that were in transit to...

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The Social and Aesthetic Value of Domingo's Painting

According to the painting of Domingo of 1960, a group of white racists is seen assembled in front of a school protesting against integration. The painting is focused on the American society social ills, inequality and aspects of racism that was experienced in the 1960s. The Domingo’s painting depicts the...

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Analysis of Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation Painting

The Annunciation painting by Leonardo da Vinci The Annunciation painting done by Leonardo da Vinci has befuddled and intrigued many scholars for centuries. This forms one of Leonardo's early painting, and it depicts an influence of his mastery works. The architectural setting of the point opens the landscape of trees that...

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The Artwork of Lofa: Hunter's Tunic

The Hunter's Tunic as an Artwork The Hunter's Tunic is an artwork, which involves the face of a human being composed in the 20th century from Lofa. The mask is made up of leather, cotton, metal alloy, cotton string, animal teeth, hide, encrustation, and horns. The picture contains some enclosed human...

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The Cultural Literacy of Huguette Clark

Huguette Clark: A Life Filled with Mystery and Philanthropy Huguette Clark was an heiress and philanthropist who became popular for living in the hospital for 20 years. According to Dedman and Clark, she surprised people for making such a decision yet she had mansions the nobody occupied (23). A Wealthy Upbringing She was...

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Pietro Lorenzetti's The Crucifixion

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ The museum visited was the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York City, 1000 fifth avenue. The artwork that was selected is the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ done by artist Pietro Lorenzetti in the 1340s. Pietro is initially of...

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The Human Form in Ancient Art

The Early Civilization The early civilization, the prehistoric, Aegean, Near East, Roman, and Egyptian tried to represent the human form in their art in different ways. The representation was aimed at illustrating their culture, belief and the world around them. They used artworks such as drawing, painting, and sculpturing to demonstrate...

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