Essays on Aesthetics

Critical Analysis on Topics in Aesthetic Theory

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that investigates the essence of appearance, taste, and art. Aesthetics, from an epistemological standpoint, entails learning sensori-emotional principles, especially the judging of taste and sentiment. Art is analyzed objectively by analyzing a series of criteria that underpin the artistic practice. Aesthetics, in general, refers…

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Aesthetic is a branch of philosophy

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that consists of a series of high-quality investigations referred to as taste and sentiment judgment. It has everything to do with the logic of art. The ability to separate at a tactile level determines artistic esteem judgment. Aesthetics studies what makes something horrifying, glorious,…

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The trailer for Baby Driver

The trailer for Baby Driver was recently released on the Internet. It is not exactly what you would expect from Edgar Wright, but it has packed with wild stunts, a diverse cast of characters, a love story, and a few laughs. This epic action thriller is two and a half…

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Park Chan Wook

Park Chan Wook is the author of this work. For any cinephile, South Korean filmmaker Park Chan Wook’s work is challenging to overlook due to its outstanding characteristics that bring out the creator’s personality. Park’s films have a distinct look and approach to the key themes. Old Boy (2003) and…

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Diagnosing Plant Health Issues

Diseases and pathogens affect the aesthetics of plants. Acquiring a working knowledge of the common signs and symptoms of crop diseases is that the best start line for effective crop management. These problems may result in failure , low-quality yield and premature death of plants. In diagnosing plant health problems,…

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