Essays on Aesthetics

Newman's Critique of Aesthetics

THE ARTIST BARNETT NEWMAN COMMENTED:’AESTHETICS IS FOR ART WHAT ORNITHOLOGY IS FOR THE BIRDS.’ BASED ON IMMANUEL KANT’S PHILOSOPHY HOW WOULD HE RESPOND TO NEWMAN’S CLAIM? Aesthetics and the actual practice of art have been compared with the philosophy of science, modern physics and mathematics for several years. However, academic aesthetics...

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The Artist Barnett Newman's Aesthetics is for Art What Ornithology Is for the Birds

The relationship between two aspects that entail human involvement has always been a subject of philosophical discussions between experts in the respective fields and philosophers. Similarly, individuals’ perspectives can be interpreted and discussed based on certain philosophical school of thoughts that may seek to challenge or assert the claims that...

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The 20th Century Aesthetics

The machine is the one factor that defines the 20th-century identity. At the turn of the 20th century, the role of the machine was an innermost one; to introduce the dawn of a modern age facilitated by productivity and energy of the machine. It was during the 20th century that the...

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Cultural Capital Essay

The article on Cultural Capital The article by Lizardo and Skiles examines cultural capital via the lens of photographic material consumption. It is defined as an aesthetic disposition or the ability to perceive attractively objects and styles from a variety of areas that may or may not be related with fine...

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Comparison of the artworks from the Weather Project and the Sky Jacket

A Professional Presentation of Artwork A professional presentation of objects on solids or simple surfaces that have a specific aesthetic function is referred to as artwork. Each piece of art has a connection to the genre, artistic tradition, or regional to national differences. This study project compares Peter Doig's sky jacket...

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Graffiti and Street Art

In order to appreciate beauty and emotional strength Artists use a wide spectrum of human actions to create performing artifacts and show their artistic talent. In its most basic form, it entails art criticism, the study of art history, and the propagation of its aesthetic values. Among the many forms of...

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Music Aesthetics: Transcendent and Controlled Music aesthetics is a complex and contentious topic that can be divided into two categories: transcendent and controlled.Progressive Evolution Principles in Musical Aesthetics In the topic of musical aesthetics, the principles of progressive evolution are applicable. Richard Wagner, a musician and reformer of music, is the best...

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The Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

During the California gold rush in 1849, the Grace Cathedral, a historic Episcopal cathedral in San Francisco, was constructed. The cathedral's doors that mimic the Gates of Paradise and its medieval architectural design are well known. A renowned sculptor by the name of Lorenzo Ghiberti spent twenty-seven years (1425–1452) creating...

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Beauty and The Oldest Obsession

Beauty is in the shadow of the beholder,” as the saying goes. This may be true in terms of aesthetics and literature and poetry, but with a global beauty empire worth over $2 billion in sales each year, it can hardly be true today. Beauty, as the adage goes, is...

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schools and technology

We live in an environment that has greatly changed, and knowledge has been the guiding force in all facets of life. Because of this, this period is known as the "Knowledge Age." People nowadays use technology for a variety of uses, including entertainment, networking, medical advancement, business performance, and even...

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Fine Arts as a Viable Career Option

Fine Art: Aesthetic Appeal and Artistic Value Fine art is an art style studied solely for its aesthetics and artistic appeal rather than its utilitarian value. It is based on sketches and design-centered works such as printmaking, sculpture, and painting (Hoogwerf, Kendall, & Seaquist, 2017). Architecture and photography are two other...

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inquiry on expression and imagination

Investigating the Bond between Artistic Creativity and Societal AppreciationFrom ancient times, it has been felt that a clear bond exists between the desires inherent in artistic creativity, its imaginative force, and societal appreciation. This corresponds to the instincts found in supersensible intelligence. This paper aims to investigate the incremental progression...

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