Essays on Art and Religion

Representing religion through artwork

A number of female Jewish artists who reside in the United States have displayed their origin through the various forms of art they practice. Some have chosen to express different ideas in their artwork. A sizeable amount of female American Jewish artists do not have deep understanding of the Torah…

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In the News: Religion

Myanmar (Burma) gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. Myanmar’s communists and ethnic minorities both expressed dissatisfaction with the country’s new government (Topich and Leitich 102). They believed they were being discriminated against as a result of their exclusion from the government. For example, in the newly established parliament,…

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Medieval Europe and the churches

Medieval Europe times were hard. Art and religion went hand in hand: after a few silicon churches were constructed to make sure that the orthodox communities reduced, the Great Schism followed instantly. This had a huge impact on Italy as it enabled the Normans to conquer the Italy-Greek to control…

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