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islamic art

The Development of Islamic Art in the West The nineteenth century saw the development of Islamic art in the West. It does not define art with a proper set of theological imagery, unlike Christian or Buddhist art. Although there aren't many religious symbols in Islamic art, the phrase applies to all...

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islam and art

The greatest genius of Muslim civilisation is thought to be art. Islamic artists used creativity to express their inner convictions in a variety of abstract ways, which resulted in the creation of incredible artistic creations. By rejecting the representation of living things and inventing new aesthetic trends that significantly depart...

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Art of Islam

Islamic Art: A Overview Islamic art can be characterized as artistic expression that draws from the Islamic doctrine advanced by Mohammad (PBUH), which emerged in the seventh century A.D. It consists of the visual aesthetic fervor of the Muslim populace of people who live in various geographical regions of the world....

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rugs and carpets

In the Islamic world, women created rugs and carpets by weaving them for nomadic and village encampments all over Anatolia, the Middle East, and Central Asia. These ladies make rugs and carpets for their own use and later teach their daughters the techniques and designs. In-depth discussion of Islamic art's...

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Islamic Architecture and Art

The time period Islamic historically means that work that was designed in a region that was dominated by Muslims. This religion has been in existence when you consider that 600 AD in what is at present known as Saudi Arabia. The Islamic faith spread out in the seventh century first...

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