Caribbean Island

The Biggest Place I Ever Visited: Orient Bay Beach

I would deliberate that the biggest place that I ever visited was the beach when I toured Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin. The Orient Bay is determined on the French side of the island of Saint Martin found in the Caribbean islands. When I arrived at the scenic beauty of the Caribbean, rumors had it that it used to be the most popular beach on the island, a factor that puzzled me on how a good deal the beach was treasured.

An Amazing Experience

The experience at the seashore was an amazing one because no longer only was I able to meet humans of different ethnicities but I also managed to engage with some of them. I am a social person who believes in the need for active conversations as the key in building binding relationships. I was, therefore, thrilled when I arrived on the beach and realized that I could relate with the tourists and share with them the amazing experience.

Exceptional Facilities and Service

The other central basis for my approval of the beach are the facilities that were served. I was not convinced that going outdoors could also result in such specialized treatment. I was overwhelmed by the courteous way in which were served with one of the attendants jokingly suggesting that he could even feed me while am sleeping on the sand. The overall impression was that of a tourist who was a having a marvelous experience at the beach and being served by enthusiastic workers.

Breathtaking Scenery and Coastal Environment

The last feature about the beach that I still feel makes me desire to visit is the scenery and the coastal environment. I could argue that the Orient Bay Beach is the most beautiful place I ever visited in my life considering the colorful nature of the setting and the warm sand. I once contended with my friend that it is not possible to party at the beach as most people only visit the beach to relax. However, after visiting this particular one, I realized that one could opt to party for the whole day as they feel the beautiful white sand and oceanic blue waters.


Overall, I trust that the experience I received at the Orient Bay Beach in St Martin is an amazing one considering how much fun I had and what I was able to learn. I realized that I could relate better and interact with others and, therefore, make more friends because of the diverse environment that favored personal interactions. I also realized that the workers at the facilities were courteous, which was encouraging. To sum it all, the scenic beauty and amazing colors made the visit not only memorable but one with a lot to learn from going into the future.

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