Essays on Exploration

Who was Montaigne?

Montaigne was a European adventurer. He frequently traveled from one location to another. One day, while exploring, he stumbled across a cannibalistic society. This occurred in what is now known as Brazil, or the Arctic France. He was completely astounded when he came across these individuals. He discovered that the...

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The adventures of Ibn Battuta

The novel, The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, is an account of one Muslim man's travels through the eastern hemisphere in order to quench his insatiable thirst for adventure. The book depicts life in the Islamic states of North Africa and Asia using historical context from the early fourteenth century. The...

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Steven M. Cahn's Philosophy Exploration

For many people who are new to philosophy, it can be a challenging challenge. Some of the knowledge available can be daunting due to its nuanced nuances and contemporary settings. Steven Cahn, on the other hand, has taken it closer to our level with his book Exploring Philosophy. He does...

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Richard II by William Shakespeare

King Richard II is a philosophical and political exploration of the sacred right of kings. When the main character, the king, experiences his untimely death, it evokes a sense of sorrow that is impossible to convey directly. Via its theme and characters, the historical overview of politics, traditions, and religion...

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About Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier, who was born in 1491 in Saint-Malo, a port situated in the northwest of Brittany, was a respectable mariner. When he married a member of the royal family, Mary Catherine des Granches, his social standing substantially improved. He is mostly known for giving his name to Canada and...

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An Attachment-Theoretical Perspective

In the article by Hazan and Shaver (1990), the writers say that attachment usually accommodates both work and love in the most natural way. The writers also say that functionality is the same as exploration and that adult attachment encourages work activity just as exploration in the same way as...

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Sociologists concentrate on universe discovery. In most instances, before setting the necessary mechanisms for investigating a problem or an interesting theme. In the analysis, sociologists concentrate on the use of different methods of research to design the experiment. The use of positive, quantitative, ethnographic, or qualitative research methods is for...

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Mars and Psychologists

Mankind is formed in such a way that the need for discovery is hard to quench. For a bit, the discovery of Mars is in the pipeline. Since nobody has even gone so far in space, NASA needs to get sufficient details about how its employees are survived in an...

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