Essays on Communism

Why Socialism/Communism Failed in USSR and China

IntroductionCommunism is a government system and ideology that does not allow private ownership and promotes a stateless society based on the common ownership of all property where work is distributed and proceeds gotten shared. In theory, communism can sound as a fantastic idea for a given society. As defined by...

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Application of Marxism in American Today

In essence, history of the Manifesto mirrors that of the modern workers’ movement. Presently, it is without a doubt the most prevalent and international production of all communist works, a platform recognized by a large number of workers from Siberia to America which remains applicable today, after 150 years. The...

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The Communist as an Alternative to Capitalism

The Weaknesses of Capitalism The communist can be used as an alternative for capitalist because of its weaknesses in the market and other dysfunctional side effects. Capitalist neglects the basic bourgeois ideology of fair exchange and thus leaves it to collapse. The ideology leaves the economic system to the politics which...

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The Relevance of Marxism to the Modern World

Marxism: An Introduction Marxism is a social, political and economic ideology revolving around the theories developed by Karl Marx with the help of Friedrich Engels. The ideology of Marxism looks into the impacts that capitalism has on productivity, labour, and economic growth and sustainability. The theory of Marxism claims that the...

Words: 1997

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U.S. Military Failureto Achieve its Objectives in the Vietnam War

Why American Military Goals in the Vietnam War Were Unachievable The Vietnam War began as a political conflict between the capitalist South Vietnam and the communist North Vietnam. South Vietnam wished to join the North Vietnamese state to form a single communist nation. (Anderson and Ernst 2014, p. 23). As...

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Second World War

The Second World War The Second World War was a brutal conflict that lasted from 1939 until 1945. The conflict spread widely throughout Europe, as well as to eastern Asia and the south Pacific Ocean. The economies and administrations of European countries were significantly impacted by the First World War, and...

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Berlin Wall

Numerous economic and social occurrences took place on March 15, 1991, in various nations. Germany could only be reunited after the Berlin Wall fell if an agreement between the US, France, UK, and Soviet Union was achieved. The foreign ministers of all the winning nations debated the possibility of merging...

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Why does Churchill see Russia as a threat?

Churchill's Perceptions of Russia Due to its domestic uprising within Britain and its ability to undercut established global action policies, Churchill perceived Russia as a threat. But he believed that Russia's social and economic collapse could influence other countries and impose its socialist policies. Churchill knew that the totalitarian communist regime...

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McCarran Act

The McCarran Act: Combating Internal Security Threats The Cold War, U.S. internal security, and growing communist nationalism were all causing tension at the time the McCarran Act was enacted. The legislation aimed to combat the danger of domestic subversion and the rapidly escalating communism. A communist organization had to register with...

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The First and the Second Red Scare

Hysteria and fears related to communist doctrine persisted in America after the First World War. This caused widespread panic throughout the country and sparked a number of reforms meant to stop the issue. The Bolshevik Revolution that occurred in Russia in 1917 led to the establishment of a communist regime...

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The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto was a significant addition to the study of ideology and rhetoric, as evidenced by the fact that it serves as a model for numerous other manifestos. The Communist Manifesto continues to be pertinent today due to its enduring influence even after the overthrow of numerous Communist...

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Being American Diplomat in the 1970

It is crucial that questions posed to the Soviet officials be answered in my capacity as an American diplomat. Many of those items were already generally available in the past. One such instance is the assertion that capitalism has created a setting where racism naturally occurs, which the soviet noted...

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