Essays on Political Culture

Political Leadership - Plato’s Republic:

Politics is one of the most important aspects influencing an economy's growth and development. They trust politicians more than they trust anyone else. The president of a country is an excellent example of a political leader. The president wields considerable power in the country, and his thoughts, actions, and temperament,...

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Political Ideological Spectrum

The ideological spectrum is a collection of the general public's political viewpoints. This spectrum progresses from extreme to extreme; radical, reactionary, liberal, moderate, and conservative. Everyone lies somewhere on the spectrum; however, many people are unaware of where they lie or label themselves with labels to which they do not...

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Article Opinions and Reflective Learning Experience

This essay discusses the long-standing cultural and policy divisions in South Korean politics between liberal and conservative parties. This stalemate stems from the government's view of the change as social conservatism and a break from the country's uniform government healthcare coverage. However, resistance to the proposal stems from its backing...

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Politics and power in communities

Politics has a wide range of effects on cultures and nations. Politicians at all levels have the capacity to govern certain political, economic, and social facets of society by different means such as law, policy formation, and taxation, among others. There has been a significant change in the way government...

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political culture of canada

Political culture refers to a collection of views, values, and sentiments maintained by a polity that provide order and context to the political process that takes place within a society. According to Telford, political communities are built on philosophies. These philosophies reflect various perspectives on what it means to live...

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Zhong Political Views

The 'riddle of China,' addressed in the introduction, refers to China's remarkable growth and stability in the midst of political turmoil. Following the 1989 Tiananmen Square crisis, it is reported that a stable and strengthened political regime was established. The two factors that are regarded as contributors to China’s political stability...

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Drug Abuse; A Social Problem

Anything that is a problem for the group is a social issue. In certain cases, social problems are perceived as conditions in society that are unacceptable. Most of them typically have a negative social effect. Others are related to the slowing down of changes in society. Global warming, substance addiction,...

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Direct democracy

Direct democracy is often referred to as pure democracy, and it is a type of democracy in which society decides policy and laws set in effect by the government instead of legislators elected by the citizens (Hussey 256). In a real direct democracy, the citizens of a national vote on...

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Impeachment from the presidency

Impeachment refers to the many steps frequently taken to revoke the office of a government official. Impeachment, regardless of how rare it has been in the modern politics of the United States, is a familiar term in political science as well as in the political world. There are a variety...

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The degree to which ancient Greek politics today shaped the Western political system

Ancient Greek politics had a great impact on Western people's political, economic, and social lives. The politics of Ancient Greece is based on both Greek and Roman philosophies. The political influence of Plato and Aristotle was focused on political philosophies. The philosophies of all citizens include justice, freedom, and prosperity....

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Pluralism theory

The doctrine of pluralism holds that political power and decision-making are based on the ruling government (Gilens & Page, 2014). The decision-making, however, encompasses all interest groups, contributing to decisions for the common interests of the whole society or nation. Elitism asserts that representatives of the policy planning networks and...

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Claims of legislation and religious politics

The question resulting from legislative arguments and religious politics arises from the two sides' spheres of influence. It is necessary to remember that there can be a difference between the way these two relate. On the other side, the government can not give favors to one religion over the other...

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