Ideologies of Democracy in Practice

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In order for democracy to be enforced, the different government agencies must practice the requisite definition. Across the United States of America, the primary explanation that people remain uncertain over whether the United States of America is a democracy or a republic is due to the difficult-to-understand-mixed government that has developed through the years, including republic and democratic characteristics. There are, however, different acts, such as the precise interest in promoting the growth of freedom, which represent the philosophies used to run the country.
The United States of America continues to be at the forefront of nations that are fighting for democracy to be spread. The principle under which the United States of America was founded is to ensure there is liberty for citizens (McClintock 23). According to all document involved and the institutions established, they emphasize greatly on liberty as the central focus for a just society. This reason is well supported by an American Scientist Samuel Huntington who state that the identity of any nation cannot be separated from its dedication to liberal and democratic values. Among the importance of exercising the spread of democracy more so the one involved with liberal democracy is the spreading of liberty (Woodward 35). Due to the principle and the identity under which the United States of America was founded, the nation is well placed has been advancing the core value they exercise in liberty to other nations.
Similar to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott point of view, The United States of America is a one of kind and self-consciously nation that was established under a set of doctrines that can be applied anywhere across the globe (Woodward 38). According to the Founding Fathers, individuals were created equally for all and not only by the thirteen American colonies of Britain (Woodward 38). Therefore, to secure rights that do not alienate liberty, life and desire to attain happiness, individuals have the mandate to set government that push fair power under the concept of the governed.
The main reason for United States campaigning for the adoption of liberty is done to assist in improve the lives of individuals not only within the United States of America but across the entire globe since the United States cannot alienate itself from the rest of the nations (Sheehan 101). It may be stereotypical to claim that nations across the globe are interdependent, however, the same cannot be said of the changes experienced in communication technologies and increase trading which have facilitated the interconnection of the nations across the world (Sheehan 100). As a result of the trend involved, United States is strategically well positioned to decide the fate of the rest of the society. Since in case of an increase in misery by nations, it my activate political tension which will bring about instability as well as cause massive damage to the environment (Akbarzadeh et al. 12). Whether severe or not, the effects will affect America. As a result, the act of the use of this concept by the United States for the goodness of the citizens in their respective country is a sign of it exercising democracy.
In summary, whether a country exercise a democratic or another form of government, for the government to enforce and achieve its objective, it will depend highly on how the various department of government conduct its activities and disseminate its service. The special interest by the United States of America to campaign for the spread of liberty is one of the major ideas showing the commitment of the United States towards exercising democracy.

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