Essays on Political Science

The Role of the Government in Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profit organizations play a critical role in the society (Fremont-Smith, 2009). For many years, Non-Profit organizations have participated in activities that boost the economic development agenda of the country. However, many issues have arisen in regard to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Non-Profit organizations. Due to these issues, legislations...

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The Economic Policies of the United States

The conservatives’ economic policies as well as those of liberals have triggered intensive debate that seeks to prove the ethical policies that require to be implemented in the United States’ economy (Young, 2018). Both parties have made different claims that aim at supporting the validity of their proposed policies. This...

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The Role of Congress in the United States

The article “Trump Will Consult with Congress on Refugee Cap-State Department” by Reuters portrays the power of the Congress over policy matters. Although the federal law offers the president with authority to fix the number of the United States Refugees, the requirement is that it should be after appropriate consultation....

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Analysis of the Texas Political System

The evolution of Texas Political System is discussed in this paper. The other issues discussed in the paper are the changes in the federal system that affect Texas. The factors that contributed to the current Texas constitution are also discussed. Another important element of the paper is the analysis of...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Supply Side Policies

These are policies attempted by the government to increase the country productivity, therefore shifting the aggregate supply right (Gillespie 2016, p.409). The policies include free-market: these are the ones that aim at increasing competition in the supply side of the market. They include privatization, reduced union powers, lower income rates of...

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The Obama Economic Recovery Policy

The terms recession and depression in economic are used interchangeably although they have a slight difference. Recession is the period of contraction in the business cycle. It is characterized by deterioration in grant output, income, trade and unemployment lasting for a period of six to one year in normal circumstances....

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Political Economy Analysis of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis

According to Booth (2009), the global financial crisis of 2007-08 also referred to as the Great Recession had a devastating impact on both the societies and economies as a whole. The crisis almost brought down the global financial system. The governments turned to bail-outs financed by the taxpayers to solve...

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The Effects of the Democratic Party on Texas Politics

In my view, the Democratic party is beginning to establish itself in Texas, especially in the Austin or San Antonio area. The Republican party has dominated Texas' politics since the late 1960s, and the Republicans' rein is likely to end in Texas in the near future. Such a political party...

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The Causes of Low Voter Turnout in Texas

Low voter turnout has become one of the most common problems in the United States politics. In fact, it is admissible to indicate that less than a half of the country citizen vote in most elections. In particular, Texas has been of the most affected state with exceedingly low voter...

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The Benefits of Democracy

In my view, Democracy is always the best form of government, and the United States should fight to spread democracy in every society around the world. That is because the global spread of democracy will provide a broad range of benefits to both the United States and the new democracies....

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The Causes of Financial Crisis

A financial crisis, is a situation in which the money supply gets outpaced by the demand for money. It means that liquidity gets evaporated quickly due to withdrawal of money from the bank. The situation forces the bank to either sell other sell other investments or let it be and...

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The Structure of The United States Navy

The United States Navy is among the major branches of the United States Armed forces which is tasked with the defense of the USA at the sea, and seaborne support of the country’s military service. The Navy is further tasked with maintaining of security on the seas within which the...

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