Essays on Political Science

The United Kingdom Independence Party's Impact on British Politics

The United Kingdom Independence Party is an example of how new political ideologies may have a transformational effect on the status quo by splitting the public opinion on contemporary issues. Established in 1991 by Alan Sked, London School of Economics Professor, UKIP’s influence in the political scene has vastly grown...

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The Impact of Ethnic Power Sharing in Afghanistan

I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation and respect to my supervisor for making this project a reality through the guidance and corrections throughout my research. Specifically, I acknowledge your support regarding the literature I used for conducting the research. I also thank my comrades for supporting me in...

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Causal Analysis of the Arab Spring

The rise of the Arab spring has been attributed to a number of factors, most of which are related to the nature of governance, economic status, and lack of sufficient opportunities for employment. This dissertation seeks to investigate external factors which were responsible for instigating the revolts and sustaining them....

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Why Socialism/Communism Failed in USSR and China

IntroductionCommunism is a government system and ideology that does not allow private ownership and promotes a stateless society based on the common ownership of all property where work is distributed and proceeds gotten shared. In theory, communism can sound as a fantastic idea for a given society. As defined by...

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The Liberalism and Fundamentalism in Christianity

The Meaning of Liberalism and Fundamentalism The liberalism and fundamentalism are two aspects of the religion which have recently come to the general attention across the globe. The division amidst the liberals and fundamentalists seem to affect almost all religious communities to an extent. In this respect, this analysis will discuss...

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Application of Marxism in American Today

In essence, history of the Manifesto mirrors that of the modern workers’ movement. Presently, it is without a doubt the most prevalent and international production of all communist works, a platform recognized by a large number of workers from Siberia to America which remains applicable today, after 150 years. The...

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The Role of Government in Market Failure

Most markets in the in the world face crashes from time to time. Market failures happen in situations where the markets are unable to carry out their role in distribution. Market failure can be categorised into different ways, but this paper will be tackling the market incapacities and how the...

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Aristotle on the Ideal Polis

Over the years there has not been a consensus by political researchers and philosophers on the idea of Aristotle on politics due to differences such as his belief in the inferiority of women and his acceptance of slavery. However, his views on the relationship between the citizens and that of...

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Theories of Justice in Rawls' Political Justice

From the reading, Political Justice by John Rawls, the main thesis of the unit is the call for an egalitarian society through distributive justice. According to the author, it is possible to have a just and a fair society.  Rawls argues that for there to be a just society in...

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The European Union's Vision of Foreign, Security and Defence Policies

The Global Strategy of the European Union provided a better position for the union to transpose itself so as to continue being a global superpower. Being a universal leader, it had to set up all the possible approaches to enhance unity and cooperation in the outside environment. Despite being financially...

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Difference Between American and European Parties

In the wake of the 21st century, the role of political parties has risen to be the center of attraction in the field of governance. The world has witnessed the massive expansion and increase in the number of parties in every country after the end of the First and the...

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Comparison of Federal and Unitary Governments

The United States and Federal Government The United States of America is based on the federal government. A federal government is a system of rule whereby there is the division of power between the local state government and the central government that are linked to one another through the national government....

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