Essays on Hillary Clinton

Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign on Saturday Night Live

The sketch on Hillary's presidential candidacy was produced on 12th April 2015 on the Saturday Night Live Show where it was satirizing the announcement of the interest of Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, her political scandals and her personal life. The setting of the sketch is at Chappaqua, the...

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You Make Me Feel

The presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was one that was marked with lots of campaigns with lots of television ads drumming support for either candidates. The TV ad You Make Me Feel was released on October 31, 2016 by Priorities USA Action. The ad features the hit...

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Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails

Hillary Clinton sending confidential information through her personal emails is unethical in addition to being bad for her personally and legally. Because the safety of all American residents is crucial, it is immoral for a state secretary to disclose sensitive information through her personal emails. Some have likened this to...

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Democrat presidential nominee

According to the State Department report, Democrat presidential candidate and former Secretary Hillary Clinton exchanged over twenty classified emails with top members of her department on her private and unsecured email server. Clinton shared private information with her head of staff and deputy secretary of state in emails sent between 2011...

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Hillary Clinton's DNC speech

Clinton begins by praising President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their efforts during their tenure. She is addressing the public during one of her 2016 presidential campaigns, as she accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for candidate on July 28, 2016, at the Democratic National Convention. She mentions Tim...

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The Clinton Health Care Plan

People's concerns about affordable healthcare were heightened in the run-up to the 1992 presidential election. As a result, the subject of health care became the deciding factor in how Americans choose their President. The problem with the healthcare sector had taken precedence over other critical issues such as education (Moffit,...

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politics and students

Students have a number of concerns that they want elected candidates to answer. The problem of tuition fees is the most pressing question for the vast majority of students, and they agree that presidential candidates should discuss it. During the 2016 elections in the United States of America, Hillary Clinton raised...

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Kurt Eichenwald - This Way Lies Deceit

The paper THIS WAY LIES DECEIT by Kurt Eichenwald is looking for research and report the facts that lead to the conclusion that Donald Trump is a criminal who gets in the jail rather than his opponent in the presidential contest Hillary Clinton. Considering records related to Trump’s alleged hiding...

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The Polarization of U.S. Presidential Campaign Supporters Owing to Their ‘Filter Bubbles’ claim testing

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were two successful US presidential contenders in 2016. Trump is emotional and often rude, Clinton is more restrained, but also optimistic and engaged. Each nominee had his own army of admirers who wanted their candidates to win more than anything else. There were also skirmishes...

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