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Enforced disappearances In the Philippines

Even though forced disappearances are against the law and are regarded as barbaric by the natives, they frequently happen in the Philippines. Human rights must be upheld in order to protect the dignity of the populace, states Republic Act Number 10353, which was authorized and published by the Philippine government....

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Information About Philippine Government

This article provides information about the Philippine government. You will learn about its past presidents, the forms of government, the influence of the powerful elites, and the impact of the international community. It will also introduce you to the country's current leaders. It's important to know a little bit about the...

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The Philippine Government

The Philippines' political elite is highly adaptable and resilient. Though a president is only allowed to serve for a maximum of six years, his influence is still substantial. He wields influence in policymaking, elections, and regulatory bodies. He also has influence in jurisprudence and the distribution of government resources.Power is...

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