Essays on Barack Obama

Someone on the internet once said: “Obama is cool”, and we totally agree, so writing a Barack Obama essay is a task that we welcome. Barack Obama is the 4th President of the United States and 1st African American to be the elected US president. Many authors of Barack Obama essays follow his career path, so you should also include some other aspects of his life to make your essay more original. He won the presidential election in 2008, and had many accomplishments as a president: he supported human rights, fought for ecology and nature protection, initiated a health reform, worked towards economic development, and promoted nuclear security. In 2009 he won a Nobel Peace Prize. Analyze some of Barack Obama essay samples below and make a note of good details you can adapt to your essays on Barack Obama.

The Affordable care act essay

In March of 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became official. The law was the initial step in the president Barack Obama administration’s sweeping health care reforms. It provides a number of rights that, through subsidies such cost-sharing reduction, make the cost and fairness of health service coverage…

Words: 941

Pages: 4

Healthcare System in America

The Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s proposed healthcare bill, has sparked a never-ending discussion on whether America is increasingly becoming a socialist republic. Some argue that it will usher in socialized medicine, but others argue that it will not. The accompanying paper would assist in examining the current laws and…

Words: 902

Pages: 4

about barack obama

Barack Hussein Obama was the first African American president, making him a president unlike any other. He served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He formerly served in the United States Senate, representing Illinois from 2005 to 2008. From 1997 to 2004, he was…

Words: 902

Pages: 4

Senator Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama gave one of the best acceptance remarks for an electoral win on November 4, 2008. The senator prepared and gave the address, which took place at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. It was historic because it was the first time in American electoral history that a black…

Words: 861

Pages: 4

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

The Obama administration introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative in June 2012. It protects deserving undocumented young adults and teenagers from deportation. The program also allows them to qualify for job permits, which improves their social and economic conditions. Around 1.7 million young immigrants applied for DACA…

Words: 3458

Pages: 13

Attention Gaining Device

About nine million community college students and more than 300,000 students in minority colleges have been exempted by the “America’s College Promise Act 2015” (National Conference of State Legislatures). The goal of this law was to offer low-cost or non-cost schooling for community colleges and to help students gain access…

Words: 797

Pages: 3

The Politics and Government in America

American leaders have been involved in constant debates about the extent of presidential authority throughout history. For example, President Bush’s administration spoke about the unilateral authority of the government’s executive forces, including those of the president, as incredibly assertive (Jackson 73). It is now evident from Bush’s administration to President…

Words: 3151

Pages: 12

Obama’s policy

The environmental policy was one of the policies of President Obama that I agree with. The purpose of this program is to shield our world from the effects of global warming. President Obama has dramatically minimized global warming, from forging the landmark Paris climate to setting economic fuel requirements to…

Words: 610

Pages: 3

The Obama Effect

The subject of the thesis is ‘The Obama Effect.’ This subject is presented by an experimental evaluation to determine the stereotype danger and role model impact on African American students of the flouting popularity of Barack Obama. The test is validated by a randomized trial on standardized test outcomes from…

Words: 549

Pages: 2

Barack Obama memoir Dreams from my father

In 1995, Barack Obama granted the memoir Dreams from my father: the story of race and inheritance was published. The former president wrote a novel thirteen years before entering politics, winning the 2008 presidential election and becoming the 44th, and the first black president in the United States. The book…

Words: 2478

Pages: 10

Taxation Management

True, in this pluralistic world we can’t fully redefine the economy, but we can establish economic policies. Nevertheless, to ensure justice prevails, there needs to be a striking balance for all citizens. How else are the wealthy going to be taxed in this respect? More than a quarter of all…

Words: 368

Pages: 2

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