Obama vs. Triumph Healthcare

Obamacare and Triumph Healthcare: A Comparison

Obamacare refers to the medical bills signed into law by President Obama in 2010. The plan became law and was officially presented in 2010 as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Following the election of a new president in America, the healthcare sector has changed to adopt the new American president's rules, laws, and regulations. As a result, the paper attempts to explore the challenges confronting both Obama and Triumph healthcare, as well as appropriate remedies to the problems that would improve the workability of America's health systems.

Challenges with Obamacare

Both the silver and bronze plans' deductibles are increasing under Obamacare. Deductibles refer to the inceptions that individuals need to pay under the insurance plans. Furthermore, the higher deductible replicates higher premiums for the customers. However, despite such a challenge, the government can still change the situation. In solving the problem, it is important for the government to offer subsidies and incentives to the customer to reduce the charges that they have to incur for them to access the healthcare services. Furthermore, the Obama care also experiences another challenge based on insurance options. Under Obama, care seven states have only one insurer, which provides insurance services by use of Obamacare. The problem erupts since most of the insurers are leaving the exchanges due to the high rate of unsustainability. With such a challenge facing the healthcare system, the government could otherwise create a conducive environment that is sustainable to ensure that the insurer is comfortable to offer the services therein. Moreover, the reduction of insurer operating within the system is the leading cause of the rising premiums as well as deductibles with fewer options available for customers to choose.

Challenges with Triumph Healthcare

However, just as the Obama care has multiple problems, triumph healthcare is not exceptional. Despite the fact that the healthcare is not yet official and is in the form of a bill, the greatest problem is that the healthcare is not clear why it is in existence. Moreover, it is not also clear on what exactly it is trying to make better from what Obama care was offering. With an idea of amending the problems, it is important to ensure that the bill is clear and addresses specific problems and challenges that existed with Obama care. With such ideas, the triumph healthcare will gain popularity among the Americans. Moreover, the healthcare would be less generous to the poor due to the high cost they will have to incur. Some people should be ready to misplace the healthcare coverage with a reduction in subsidies that existed in the Obama healthcare. Therefore, to solve the situation, it is adequate for the government to inculcate grants and incentives in the healthcare plan.


In conclusion, it is evident that the two health systems have multiple differences but the solutions could be of help in changing them to improve the quality of healthcare in America. Just like other countries, healthcare is an essential service to the American citizens. Moreover, Triumph health care has to consider the views of the citizens as the plan directs towards the health of the citizens rather than the government. Consequently, the government plays a major role in developing and improving the quality of health care offered to the American citizens.

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