Essays on Abraham Lincoln

It there ever was an exciting essay to write it’s surely an Abraham Lincoln essay. Sixteenth US President Abraham Lincoln occupies a special place among the most outstanding political figures of the world. All Abraham Lincoln essays portray him as a singular man. Lincoln will forever remain in history as the man who prevented the disintegration of the United States and freed the slaves. He is rightfully considered the successor to the cause of the "The Founding Fathers" of the United States – founders of American democracy. Abe is among the most globally loved presidents of the US and he is often fondly portrayed in pop culture. The abundance of essays on Abraham Lincoln also supports the idea of his popularity. Look through these Abraham Lincoln essay samples to find out how other authors paint Lincoln in their essays.

Abraham Lincoln's Life Before Presidency

The Presidential elections in America has had a commendable history and it has been very important for the Americans to vote for the right candidate to be their leader. George Washington became the first US president in 1789 during that time when only the white men with property could vote...

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Term Limits in America

Term Limits for Members of Congress Term limits refer to the number of terms that an officeholder is allowed by the law to serve. Whether term limits should be imposed on the Congress or not has become a debatable topic in America. I think that term limits should be imposed on...

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Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation of Emancipation

I Abraham Lincoln, hereby proclaim that the war will be prosecuted to restore the constitutional relation between the United States and the citizens. From 1st January 1863 henceforth, all slaves in the ten states that are still in rebellion will be free and will be safeguarded by the executive government of...

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The First Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Addresses Abraham Lincoln became the president of America in 1861 during the time that the Southern state was exiting the union. By March 4th, 1861 seven states had left the union; he addressed his remarks to the south. Throughout his term, Abraham Lincoln gave two inaugural addresses -...

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The Emancipation Proclamation

President Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln released the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. The emancipation had a significant effect on the war because it altered its course. The emancipation proclamation changed the focus of the war, which had originally been about "states rights," to slavery. A...

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the animal farm

Nearly all men can withstand hardship, but if you want to test a man s character, give him power Abraham Lincoln once said. Lord Acton, who once said, Absolute authority corrupts absolutely, shared his words. We have seen presidents transform dramatically as soon as they take office since time...

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American Civil War

In the history of the United States of America, the American civil war is very important. The civil war is documented as the largest war in the history of America, where six hundred thousand of the three million warriors who fought in this war lost to the battle for independence....

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President Abraham Lincoln

Sir Abraham Lincoln: The Best American President Sir Abraham Lincoln is the sixteenth President of the United States; He was a lawyer and also a politician. He was once born on the 12th day of February 1809 and died on 15th of April 1865. A number of remarkable activities took place...

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The Union War of 1861 to 1865 and the election of President Abraham Lincoln

Factors Leading to the North's Victory in the Union War of 1861-1865 It is possible to recognize the Union War of 1861 to 1865 as a result of the election of President Abraham Lincoln. This is because the Republican Party president had embodied an anti-slavery stance at the center of his...

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