Essays on President of The United States

The Character of Donald Trump

The Personality of the President of the United States The president of the United States’ personality is notably excessive by any standard and predominantly uncommon for presiding presidents. Donald Trump, whether in discussions, interviews, in talk contests or on debates on screen, is projected to be an offensive individual. Opinions regarding...

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Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

Thomas Jefferson s Views on Slavery Thomas Jefferson was one leader who fought to end slavery in the early years. In one of his letters, he suggests that that the talents of the Black people are not a guarantee for their rights. He even argues that Sir Isaac Newton was an...

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Defining The Watergate Scandal

The concept of executive privilege can be used to define the Watergate scandal. Watergate is the name given to the scandal that involved President Richard M. Nixon and members of his administration. The name is from the Watergate apartment, located in Washington, D.C, America.  In 1972, this apartment was the...

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The State Of The Union Address (2018) By Trump

The State of The Union address (2018) by Trump was dotted with rhetoric and various dubious facts. Congress was the chosen venue for the speech. His major attention was on the economy, and particularly on wages and employment, arguing that after his election into office, he had created more than...

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The Latest Political News in America

The latest political news in America is that the Republicans have filed a bill which is requesting the government to pose its active programs for a few days following the demise of President George H. W. Bush. Bush was the 43rd head of state in the US between the year 2001...

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Abraham Lincoln's Life Before Presidency

The Presidential elections in America has had a commendable history and it has been very important for the Americans to vote for the right candidate to be their leader. George Washington became the first US president in 1789 during that time when only the white men with property could vote...

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President Trump's Signing Statements

Signing statements have been issued by presidents to express the views on the signed law. The purpose of the signing statements can either be rhetorical, constitutional, or political. President Trump has issued several signing statements concerning various signed laws. The purpose here is to evaluate three of his signing statements...

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The Role of Hackers in the 2016 Presidential Election

The hackers had a distinct behavior of engaging in online campaign activities which would influence the Americans’ presidential choices. They made use of Facebook and Twitter to undermine the popularity of Hillary Clinton amongst the population. The two social media platforms allowed the attackers to spread defaming information about Hillary’s...

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The Immigration Ban Enacted by Donald Trump

The current American president, Donald Trump instituted an immigration ban which would help prevent seven nations, which included: Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan from accessing America (Adam, 2017). Donald Trump argued that these countries were subject to the Arab world and thus acted as a conduit where...

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Term Limits in America

Term Limits for Members of Congress Term limits refer to the number of terms that an officeholder is allowed by the law to serve. Whether term limits should be imposed on the Congress or not has become a debatable topic in America. I think that term limits should be imposed on...

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Analysis of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's Campaigns

Donald Trump's campaign theme was immigration. His speech was dominated by his view of migration policies and the of the last governments. Trump insisted on making changes on the policies and ensuring that all illegal immigrants were deported. Hillary Clinton used the plight of women as her campaign team. She...

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President Donald Trump Describes Certain African, Haiti, and El Salvador as "Shithole" Countries

According to a report provided on Thursday, The American President Donald Trump described the Africa nations, El Salvador and Haiti as “shithole” nations during a meeting he had attended with the lawmakers. He had been presented with a proposal on restoring the immigrants’ protection policy for these regions which was...

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