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Martin Heidegger Bio

Martin Heidegger resigns as rector just one year after being appointed due to a confrontation between party officials and professors. He does not abandon the party, but he is not involved in its affairs. I don't believe Heidegger completely supported Hitler because he held conflicting political beliefs and even withdrew...

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Nonverbal communication in China

Nonverbal communication is the expression of an idea without the use of words. Nonverbal communications include posture, clothes, gestures, distance, and eye contact. These nonverbal communication approaches provide crucial indicators in the communication process that are frequently lacking in verbal communication or are complimentary to verbal communication. Nonverbal communication frequently...

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Tax overhaul by President Trump and Republican lawmakers

Richard and Kate publish this essay to outline Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's efforts to produce a tax rewrite supported by both President Trump and Republican lawmakers. It gets even more interesting because Mr. Mnuchin is in charge of fiscal policy despite having less political experience than his former Treasury predecessors....

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Presidential election and leadership behavior

President Barack Obama delivered one of the most powerful addresses during the 2008 presidential race. This speech made me feel strong and had a favorable impact on my emotional condition. Following his election as the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama delivered a victory speech that gave...

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Affordable Care Act and Prescription Drug Expenditures

The Affordable Care Act is one of the most significant events in the Obama administration since it has had a significant positive impact on healthcare. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has recently come under attack, as current President Trump has been a vocal opponent of its implementation. Many perceive this...

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Why Trump's plan for corporate taxes is a 'magic unicorn'

The article highlights President Trump's proposal to reduce corporate tax rates from 35% to 15%. Most detractors, including Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, believe the idea is impractical and should not be approved by Congress. He claims that the plan will increase the deficit after ten years (Mui). ""It cannot...

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Trump’s administration

The Trump administration has drastically reduced the funding of the Environmental Protection Agency. This has been interpreted as a move by Trump's administration to prioritize industrial development over environmental improvement. This was one of his campaign slogans that helped him gain support from prominent businesspeople. The cut meant a 25%...

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the implications of the USA leaving the TPP

The United States' exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) might have far-reaching consequences for America's standing as an economic leader. The agreement was one of President Barack Obama's measures to enhance US involvement in Asia and provide balance to China's economic and military power. TPP was negotiated with 11 Pacific...

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Foreign Policy of Donald Trump

There has been substantial discussion about President Donald Trump's foreign policy efforts. He has worked to ensure that the government shifts away from unilateral measures and traditional friends and toward adversaries. The purpose is to withdraw America's commitment to accords such as NATO and military treaties signed between the US...

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Constructivist theory vs. Ubuntu

A successful government preserves standards such as peace, fairness, and, most importantly, democracy. Theories address the relationship between such factors and national governance. Two such theories are the Ubuntu/African theory and the Constructivism doctrine. They seek to characterize social structure and the relationship between that structure and a nation's governance....

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Constitution of the United States

George Washington expressed confidence in the new legal document that would guide the United States of America for the first time in his letter establishing the constitution (Goldoni 387). He emphasized the multiple essential principles of democracy inherent in the constitution's benefits to both citizens and the nation. He emphasizes...

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Jerry Markon

Jerry Markon addresses the proposed measure of building a wall between the South-West border of the United States and Mexico by presidential candidate Donald Trump as part of his severe immigration policy to curb illegal immigration into the United States in the article (Markon et al. np). The author gathers...

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