Hillary Clinton's DNC speech

Clinton begins by praising President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their efforts during their tenure. She is addressing the public during one of her 2016 presidential campaigns, as she accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for candidate on July 28, 2016, at the Democratic National Convention. She mentions Tim Kaine and his many accomplishments, as well as all of her supporters. Using phrases like ""your cause is our cause"" persuades voters that she is concerned about their well-being and that her presidency will provide Americans with a better quality of life.
 Crimes: Dying metaphors such as alarm bells
 Pretentious diction-most dynamic
 Using verbal false limbs- country is up against
Meaningless words- I sweat the details of policy
Imprecise diction- economy just isn't working

Link: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/full-text-hillary-clintons-dnc-speech-226410
I agree with Orwell that politicians do not want us to think as we may analyze, synthesize, and do evaluations, which may make things difficult for them especially if questions are raised about their ambitions. Voters that can think may turn out to be very unpredictable and dangerous to politicians and the latter benefit if citizens do not engage in too much thinking. Again voters may want the politicians to do the same yet this is time consuming and difficult to some. Political aspirants prefer spending time on emotive issues that attract the attention of the voters. For instance, some pose in front of monuments, flags, and other symbols denoting national unity instead of engaging in reasonable debates with one another or the public. They do not want to be held to the rational account of their behaviors as this may interfere with their supporters in case one cannot defend is/her manifesto. Using meaningless words is common, as they do not have a clear idea of their reason for being elected. Some even accuse their opponents of various crimes with no clear evidence and misinterpret the statements their competitors make to suit own motives. They are ford of manipulating English language through lies and dying metaphors, which sound honest and giving promises, which can never be honored. For instance, some politicians use metaphors that have no clear meaning that in English but to them they always know whatever they want. It is easy to confuse potential voters by using a language that portrays one as a perfect and concerned leader. Complicating the words used especially during campaigns ensures that citizens do not contribute to the ideas raised by politicians.

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