Essays on Liberalism

The Economic Policies of the United States

The conservatives’ economic policies as well as those of liberals have triggered intensive debate that seeks to prove the ethical policies that require to be implemented in the United States’ economy (Young, 2018). Both parties have made different claims that aim at supporting the validity of their proposed policies. This...

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The Definition of Liberalism

The definition of liberalism is that it is a quality or state of one being liberal in terms of attitude or behaviour. Another definition is a social or political philosophy advocating for the freedom of individuals, the government parliamentary system, political modification of nonviolence, economic or social institution to assure...

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Walt Whitman’s Liberalism and His Freethinking Behavior as Expressed in “Song of Myself”

The most well-known part of Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself," section 33, expresses Whitman's emotions, opinions, and thoughts about a variety of human actions and natural phenomena. Above all else, Whitman portrays himself as an independent thinker who is compassionate and open to understanding a variety of viewpoints. This humanistic...

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Neoliberalism and the history of The US in the 20th century

The word "neoliberalism" was first coined by British economists, interwar continental thinkers, and philosophers to describe an economic theory that supported deregulation, privatization, and free markets while opposing the state and public institutions. In this situation, the government dismantles unions, liberalizes the economy, lowers taxes for businesses and the wealthy,...

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Benefits of Neoliberalism in strategic management

Neoliberalism is an economic policy that advocates for the control of market services in order to strengthen and expand organizations. Neoliberalism has had an impact on the world's social, economic, and political systems, both positively and badly. In this paper, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of neoliberalism in...

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Neo-Liberalism dominated public education in the United States

Neoliberalism, which has dominated public education in the United States and other nations, openly promotes competition among schools, students, and educators. Neoliberalism has resulted in stratification, marketization, and the introduction of business interests and managerialism into public education. This type of competitive structure has resulted in affluent schools becoming richer...

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Neoliberalism maintains that although the world is tough and dangerous, there are more negative effects of deploying a state's military might than positive ones. Neoliberalism holds that even if each state has distinct core objectives, international collaboration is in the best interests of all nations. A liberal point of view,...

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Normative Defense and Critique of the Classical Liberal Paradigm

The classical liberal tradition has historically made significant contributions to international politics, and it still has an impact on contemporary political thinking and ideologies. John Locke and Thomas Hobbes are two of the most well-known founders of the classical liberal school of thought. Hobbes put a great emphasis on the...

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Classical Liberalism vs. Reform Liberalism-State vs. Private Provided Healthcare

In general, liberalism refers to the recognition of philosophies that differ from one's own. From a theoretical standpoint, two forms of liberalism are widely recognized: classical liberalism and reform liberalism. The former specifically relates to the idea of a focus on human rights in terms of expression, faith, press assembly,...

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Neo-Realist Theories and International Cooperation

Kenneth Waltz first presented neo-realism theory in his book 'Theory of International Relations' in 1979. (Filho and Johnston, 2005, p. 7). According to the theory, force is the most powerful element in international relations. On the other hand, neoliberalism institutionalism holds that governments are, or should be, more concerned with...

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representitive democracy and liberalism

Liberalism and direct democracy ideals have certainly expanded and moved beyond the western world. Liberalism refers to the state's preference for rule of law and politics as well as civil liberties (Lecours 2012, p. 269). The primary function of government, according to this doctrine, is to defend people and rights....

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Neoliberalism euphemizes to a set of policies that have been used to boost economies

Neoliberalism is a catch-all term for a series of measures that have been used to stimulate economies in different regions and international trade. The word "global south" has been coined to refer to the third world or developed countries in general. Latin American countries, Asian regions, and African countries are...

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