The Two Party System and the Multi-Party System

The Difference Between Two-Party and Multi-Party Systems

The major difference, thus between the two-party system and the multiparty system is based on the fact that in the two party systems countries only have two major parties therefore, elections contests are only between two candidates from the two major political parties; such is in the case of the US where the only two parties are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Multiparty party systems on the other hand, are set up to allow many or rather multiple political parties; through their candidates, to compete in elections for an opportunity to form the ruling government either separately or rather in a coalition, examples of countries with multi-party systems include Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Germany among others.

The Winner-Take-All System vs. Proportional Representation

Also termed as the "plurality electoral system" the winner-take-all system is a system whereby, a seat is given to an individual candidate who ends up receiving the majority votes in the election. Concerning this, the winner-takes- it all system tends to award 100% of the representation; thus to the majority, however, the party that does not win in, turn, does not get any representation. On the other hand, in proportional representation is a system whereby, a party receives representation/ legislative seats in proportion to the votes they got in an election, therefore, a party can get representation despite having lost in the election.

The Benefits of a Multi-Party System

Ultimately, the multi-party system does a better job in matching the total votes worn in an election; thus to the percentages of the seats worn in the legislature, because it allows representation of all people particularly the minority, for example in the US only two parties receive all the seats, however, in Netherlands all parties end up receiving a fair share of the legislative seats.

Conclusion: The Representation of Voters' Interests

In conclusion, the multiparty system does a better in reflecting what all the voters want because the winner-take-all system not only restricts voters' choices but also underrepresents voters mainly from the minority group; hence, to a great extent it does not represent the interest all the voters. Therefore, the winner-take-all system devalues peoples' right to vote, consequently, denying their fundamental democratic right.

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