Essays on Elections

The Federal Bureaucracy in the United States

In the United States: The Federal Bureaucracy and Government by Proxy In the United States, the federal bureaucracy has a system of operation commonly known as the government by proxy. As such, it stems from the construct of a bureaucracy where this structure comprises a large and complex organization which has...

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Why and how Ted Cruz is a better candidate than Beto O’Rourke

The United States Senate elections will be held on 6th November 2018.  Texas has attracted a lot of attention due to a historically uncommon scenario. The incumbent Senator Ted Cruz launched his bid for re-election with a new Texas-branded slogan and a video. However, that is not all. Ted Cruz...

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Analysis of The 2018 Midterm Elections

The Republican Party Losing Control of the House The Republican Party lost control of the House to the Democrats who majored on anti-Trump rhetoric together with the retirement of remarkable number of incumbent Republicans. Incumbent governments have traditionally lost in midterms since the Second World War. The election was not truly...

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Bandwagon Effect through Opinion Polls in Elections

The Bandwagon Effect and its Application The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon where individuals will likely follow the opinions and suggestion of other people without having to make their own decision (Rothschild, and Neil). The aspect has been applied in politics since the 19th century where people will likely vote for...

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The Electoral College and Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is a difficult problem to solve for the following reasons. First, any solutions that potentially exist are rather subjective. For example, when the cases are taken to courts, they turn the courts political. The...

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Civic Responsibility and Voting

Civic responsibility refers to the duty of a citizen. It comprises of actions that are geared towards social participation and governance within a society. Depending on constitutional and social policies in a community, civic responsibility may entail responsibilities in government, churches, and voluntary groups (Dalton and Welzel 5). Furthermore, advocacy...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Electoral College

The Electoral College is a significant body of individuals chosen to represent the states of America in electing the President. In doubt of voting effectiveness, the Electoral College was formed by the Founding Fathers or the Framers of the Nation to ensure citizens of America elect the best Presidential candidate....

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The Two Party System and the Multi-Party System

The Difference Between Two-Party and Multi-Party Systems The major difference, thus between the two-party system and the multiparty system is based on the fact that in the two party systems countries only have two major parties therefore, elections contests are only between two candidates from the two major political parties; such...

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The Influence of Social Media on Elections

Influence of Social Media on US Elections In 2008, the United States elections between John McCain and Barrack Obama indicated a rise in the use of social media and its influence on supporters. Social media was one of the psychological ways in which voters got influenced. The social media campaigns took...

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Role of Technology in Politics

Choi, S., Kim, B. (2012). Voter Intention to use E-Voting Technologies: Security, Technology Acceptance, Election Type and Political Ideology. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 433-452. This article discusses the features of e-voting technology, in a world of political contexts. The article discusses different types of elections and how...

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Meaning of Decline in Voter Turnout in Britain

In Britain, the interest in democracy is gauged using political participation. Indeed political participation in Britain is determined the level of citizenry participation every election cycle. Even though there are many ways in which democracy is expressed, political participation remains one key yardstick in the process. Elections, being one way...

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Comparison of Electoral College and British Parliamentary System

Systems of Governance: UK vs US Systems of governance between the United Kingdom and the United States of America have a distinctive difference in the way that the governments are formed and run in both countries. According to (Gering & Thacker, 2008, 50), there are different methods of governance which can...

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