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Comparison of Napoleon Bonaparte and Louis XIV

Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon I) and Louis XIV are both considered as absolute leaders or rulers who made significant contributions to the development of France during their reigns. Napoleon took the leadership of France in the year 1799 after five years of poor governance and following the anarchy of the Reign...

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The Revolution of the Ruling System in the Government During the Reign of Louis XIV

A government ruling system is a set of political institutions by which a government of a state is organized to exert its powers over its people. Louis XIV was born in 1638.He became a king at the age of four and was forced to flee from the French kingdom at...

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The social, legal and social condition faced in France before the revolution or before 1789, when it was based on theories from the old days, was referred to as an ancient dictatorship. Peasants will be serving and giving the royal treasury their harvests. Since it was their harvest that was...

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