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When writing a modernism essay, remember that modernism is an art movement that features artworks of extreme diversity. Its main idea was creating pieces that define classical standards of beauty and invent something outstanding and innovative. Modernist artists used color, geometric form, and creative imagery to break through the fabric of a well-established painting style of Romanticism. Our modernism essay samples reflect on a great value of modernism – individualism, such as one captured in works of Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, and other modernist artists who peeved a new path in art history. We prepared an array of essays on Modernism for you to get inspired by, but we can also help you achieve the result you envision by completing Modernism essays for you from start to finish.

Modernism and Virginia Wolf

The Modernism Movement The modernism movement is a twentieth-century drive that takes the current literature forms, especially the thought of the shifting conditions of the society in concern. There has been however various critics and arguments about the specific time of the beginning of modernism. Some of the critics are between...

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Modernism and Postmodernism in Literature

The Wastelands by T.S. Eliot and Seafarer by Ezra Pound are two texts that articulate the themes and characteristics of modernism and postmodernism. The text wastelands by Eliot is more of a modernism oriented text that displays such a science-leaning society while Pounds Seafarer reveals the themes and characteristics of...

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Postmodernism in Don Delillo's White Noise

Although the sociological and cultural landscape of White Noise is located fundamentally in a postmodern world, the Blacksmith town exists on a space amid modernism and postmodernism. Various scholars have explored Don Delillo’s novel, White Noise to analyse its postmodernism theme. The researchers have unveiled three major arguments to support...

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Modernism in Marianne Moore's Poetry

Marianne Moore's Poetry: Embracing Modernism and Challenging Traditional Values Marianne Moore's Poetry is one of the greatest works in the early twentieth century. Several scholars have analyzed the works of Moore in which the previous generation of submissive women was to be discarded. In fact, Moore and other poets wanted to...

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Le Corbusier's Contemporary City and Frank Lloyd Wright's Broadacre City

The contemporary city was an idea that was developed by Le Corbusier who lived between 1887 and 1965. Born Charles Jeanneret, Le Corbusier was one of the respected pioneers in the field of modern architecture. In 1922, Le Corbusier “presented the public with his Contemporary City” that was enough to...

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The Era of Modernism

Despite the fact that the words modernization and modernity are often used interchangeably, modernism is not the same. While modernization is referred to as a historical process, modernism is a time in global history. The rapid urbanization that followed the transition from an agrarian to an industrial economy marked the...

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Modernism according to Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf's Literary Contributions Virginia Woolf was a well-known English novelist who made important literary contributions through her books and essays. (Neelam 1). The Mark on the Wall and Modern Fiction are two of her works that are renowned for their quality. The Evolution of Writing She critiques authors from the group that...

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In the intellectual lexicon of East Asia In the intellectual lexicon of East Asia, which was only developed after World War II, modernity is a comparatively new concept. Together with Western imperialism, which was primarily defined by military aggression, the idea of modernity was introduced to the East Asian area. For...

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Rethinking Imagination: Culture and Creativity

It has been extensively discussed in disciplines like philosophy, politics, and sociology what modernity and post-modernity are. It has been investigated how human thought has changed over time and how it relates to diverse phenomena in related domains. In order to investigate how imagination has influenced culture and creativity throughout...

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Modernism in "the love song of J.Alfred Prufrock"

The Influence of Modernism and Postmodernism in Eliot's Poem on Prufrock The literature of the Modernism era was built on innovation and focused readers discovering meaning in twisted writings. Postmodernism made use of technology and order to facilitate comprehension. In a poem on Prufrock, Eliot deftly integrates both ideas. Prufrock and John...

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the book “Beyond Sovereignty”

The fundamental premise of Casimano Love's book "Beyond Sovereignty" is a critique of state-centrism. The critique of the concept of state-centrism is useful for reconstructing relations that have spread to a wider scope, even to international levels. It is the origin of global transformation thinking. The critique of state-centrism is...

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Global Conceptualism: A History of Contemporary Art

Global Conceptualism of Art between 1962 and 1969 Since visuality and other categories different from those of this decade are rigorously eliminated, the global conceptualism of art between 1962 and 1969 is complete. Additionally, the modernist paintings introduced a new structuralist approach to looking at and representing art (Buchloh). The visual,...

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