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Art Deco Architecture in Miami

The three recognized architectural styles within Miami Beach Art Deco District are Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival and the MiMo or Miami Modern. The classical Art Deco comprised elaborate motifs of fountains, expensive materials, nudes and flora while the second phase drew inspiration from industrial design. The MiMo period used metal...

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Will Bradley's effect on art nouveau illustration in the U.S.

Will Bradley: The King of American Art Nouveau Will Bradley was a Boston-born American Art Nouveau artist. Bradley started his adventure when he was twelve years old. Bradley learned skills that would come in handy later in life while working at the printer's shop. As a result, by the age of...

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modernism art is Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau in Modernism Art Nouveau is an important aspect of modernism art. This style of art movement was developed in Europe with the primary purpose of eradicating conventional modes of art. When society began to modernize, artists became concerned with the portrayal of art, which seemed bland and out of...

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