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Kelly Wearstler (born 1967) is a well-known interior designer whose work encompasses everything from industrial and residential interior design to presentable sets of decor, chairs, fabrics, and rugs. Kelly is also an author, blogger, branding expert, eccentric fashion plate, and decorator. Kelly Wearstler Design, her design agency, was born in…

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Construction of solid envelopes

The primary regulator of weather conditions that influence the interior of the building is the envelope. It protects the internal environment from extrinsic forces. As a result, under this light, the arrangement must be firm and stable. Envelopes are constructed using either load-bearing structures or frame structures (Dennis, 1983, pp….

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Careers in Interior Design

Whether you’re looking to remodel your house or create an entirely new look, there are a number of different careers in interior design. This article will provide an overview of the job duties and Education requirements, as well as salary information. Once you’ve decided to become an interior designer, you’ll…

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The Use of Art in Interior Design

Interior design is an art and science that aims to create a healthier and more beautiful environment. Designers plan and coordinate interior design projects to achieve these goals. They can also work with architects and other professionals to implement design concepts. They can make a space look more beautiful or…

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