Essays on Structure

The Construction Process

The work explains the process followed in the construction of a building. The steps are discussed from the basement plan to the last step that shows the final structure obtained. The steps include; basement plan, ground floor, tower plan, elevation, and sections respectively. Basement Plan Artificial lighting is installed in all areas...

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Bending Moment of a Beam

Beams are structural elements designed to bear structural load (dead load) and other external loads (live loads).  Bending moment of a beam denotes a reaction that a structural beam produces when an external force is applied on the beam causing its bending. In civil engineering the bending moment is referred...

Words: 1862

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The Building Process

The building process and factors that inform it The building process is informed by numerous factors that include the suitability of the materials, the nature and number of structural components, and the skills set possessed by the construction managers and engineers. The principal roles of this report are the examination of...

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The Different Types of Organisational Structures

Since Alexander’s call for more study on organisational pitfalls, investigations in this area has been on a steady rise (Alexander, 2014). The literature on the causes of business failure remains dispersed. However, the structure of an organization is at the very top of this list since it is an essential...

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Agency and Structure in Social Theory

Are you an autonomous free agent or are you conditioned and constrained by society? (Hint: structure vs agency debate). The topic of whether structure and agency portray social phenomena best is one of the leading discussion in the social science. In the foundations of social science, there is a standing debate...

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Heavy Timber Type IV Construction

Heavy timber construction models and types have been utilized in most westernized nations especially the United States. Over the century heavy timber construction was characterized by different dimensions of ingenuity and growth, which has transformed the utilization of timber in construction works. The paper will delve to analyze the heavy...

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Renaissance prose writers

Disegno in the Italian Renaissance Disegno has an overemphasized hierarchy asserting of the arts based on the difference between corporeal and cerebral engagements and body with mind, execution, and design. This tendency is typical of the Italian Renaissance. An idea based on "treaties considered technical," of course, on written sources, but...

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Activated Clays and Zeolites

Activated clays are frequently bentonite clays that have been naturally or chemically activated to improve their adsorption properties. Several features, including as abundance, chemical inertness, non-toxicity, and porosity, enable activated clays to be suitable adsorbent materials. Because of their propensity to absorb dangerous chemicals such as dyes, organic compounds, and...

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Critical infrastructure:Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism

Crucial infrastructure refers to a country's assets that are critical to maintaining a well-functioning society. This infrastructure is a priority since it serves as a linking mechanism in society, facilitating communication and connecting individuals to facilities. Their nature is so crucial that a disruption or simply harm can cause a...

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Outdoor Metal Buildings

Carports, outdoor garages, greenhouses, pavilions, and pet shelters are all examples of outdoor metal buildings. These structures can be used for both business and non-commercial purposes. The fundamental benefit of outdoor metal buildings is their durability, affordability, and versatility (Charlie). A metal garage, for example, can be used for a variety...

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Process of High-Level Executive Interviews

The candidate interview is a crucial step in the employment process in the healthcare industry, just like it is in most professions. Employers need to know how to conduct interviews effectively for hiring managers and human resource staff to find the best applicants. Members of the hiring committee must explicitly grasp...

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The excavation section

The excavation phase of construction entails preparing the site for the structure's foundation. Excavation activities generally include stripping topsoil, digging dirt, and removing rocks. If the soil has adequate backfill qualities, it can be stockpiled on site for backfilling into the foundation. If the dirt is unsuitable for use as...

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