Space and Architecture

While architecture is the design of buildings or the development of sites to provide a specific aesthetic value space can be described as the size of a surface. We are always surrounded by space, which resides in many structures. There are areas both within and outside of structures. Every architectural concept serves a specific function. Some are constructed to serve as homes, schools, or hospitals for people.

My Bedroom

My bedroom in our home, the library, and the soccer stadium, where I play or watch matches, are the three places I frequently engage with. The area I spent the most time is our house. I live with my whole family that is father, mother and two brothers. Our house is big and well built. It is approximately 5,000 feet with five bedrooms each with a bathroom. The house has a big basement where my little brothers and I loved to play and hide when in mischief. The house also has an attic where my father keeps most of his books. My favorite room in our house is my bedroom. It has a large window that is located on the Westside of town. It is located up near the attic. Thus I can easily climb on the roof at night to watch stars.

The Public Library

Another favorite place I love spending time is at the public library; it is located few meters from home area. It is an old building that was built in the early 1990s, but it has had several renovations since then. It has five floors with shelves. There are about ten computers available for people to use. The library has couches in every section. This enables it to accommodate very many people. In our public library, one can watch the news on TVs that hang on the walls in segregated sections. The library has free Wi-Fi installed for the users this is to ease research work (“Harrell Memorial Library — Northwest Regional Library,” n.d.).

Ben Hill Stadium

The Ben Hill Stadium is another space I spend most of my evenings and weekends if I have a match to watch. It is one of the largest football stadia. It was built in 1930 but has undergone a lot of renovations and expansion since then. It can host over 80,000 people. The stadium has outstanding features like swimming pools, basketball pitches for both the male and female, a gymnastic club and a beautiful football arena. My football team occasionally uses the stadium for practice and friendly matches (“Florida Football – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium – ESPN,” n.d.).

Theoretical principles of architecture

Every human uses a house for habitation. A house is usually divided into different parts each with a particular purpose although the size of houses differs from one to another. Members of the same family can live in the same house and share resources found in the home. The bedroom is used for relaxing and sleeping it gives members privacy. The living room is designed to host visitors, or the family members can meet there for entertainment or dinner. Some people can turn part of their houses into their places of work. It is also the best place for relaxing after a long day of work.

The Library

The library is a place people visit to acquire information. It is a building designed to keep a collection of books, manuscripts, pieces of art and among others. The modern library is more of a digital library where one does not have to look up into the archives but can check for the source online. The library is built for public use. It is, therefore, able to accommodate a large number of people. The library has workers who are employed to assist the users. It has doors and windows for ventilation. The library is divided according to information found in each section.


Stadiums are places where activities such as sports and other events are held. Every stadium has a place for the audience or spectators sit to watch a match or an event. Stadiums require intricate architectural designs since it is always a big investment. Stadiums can either be enclosed or domed depending on the desired design. Stadiums are multipurpose. They are not only built for sports purposes but also they can host music events or political rallies. It can be divided into different parts so as to accommodate fields and arenas of different games. It can also be split into the outdoor sports section, and most indoor sports parts are found in the basement or halls in the stadium. The stadiums can also be built into different shapes rectangular, oval, and circular but the main aim is to host an event and have the highest capacity.

Personal Experiences

A library is a quiet place, and it has less interaction thus when in the library I feel at peace since I could do my work without disturbances. It is full of books, archives, and films that are useful when researching. After visiting the library, I feel full of information as I leave the place since most of the information I require is found in the library. Our house is the most amazing place. My family members make the home attractive since they are fun to hang out with. When tired I go to my bedroom and relax. The house has beautiful memories since I was born there and grew up in the same house. Most of my childhood things are kept in the basement. My father was the first person who introduced me to the stadium; he used to take me during the weekend to watch matches. My interest in football grew since then. A stadium is a place that has mixed feeling, sometimes am happy if my team wins or disappointed if it losses.

Traditional Architecture

The traditional architecture of a house contributes to the experience of the place we live in the sense that it provides shelter and the feeling of belonging. Traditional libraries were places where people went to look for information since it was hard to find this contributes to our experiences since the library is still a rich source of information. The Library has archives that cannot be found elsewhere. Football has a long history since our ancestors. The traditional architecture was not very complicated since the stadiums were built for specific purposes. This contributes to the experience we have while in the stadium. It is fun to watch matches with other people and get to see it live. Stadiums are noisy places where people get to cheer and jeer. It is a place I feel free to express my emotions I can scream shout or jump.


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