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cathedral thematic analysis

Cathedral is one of the most popular stories in modern times, and it is told by a man whose wife has just welcomed an old friend to their home (Hovland and Brit 625-638). His wife’s blind neighbor, a widower, was going to spend the night at their house. However, the…

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Careers in Interior Design

Whether you’re looking to remodel your house or create an entirely new look, there are a number of different careers in interior design. This article will provide an overview of the job duties and Education requirements, as well as salary information. Once you’ve decided to become an interior designer, you’ll…

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The Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Before its inauguration in 2010, the building was called the Burj Dubai. Located on the coast of Dubai, this building is considered to be a modern icon. Dubai’s tallest building…

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Cathedral by Raymond Carver

The story opens with the narrator informing the reader that a blind buddy of his wife, Robert, is coming to pay them a visit. The narrator is apprehensive about the impending visit. The story then flashes back to how the narrator’s wife met Robert when she used to work for…

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Costume design

Tylen is the name of the main character in the play Bros. With short beards and blue eyes, he is a young man in his early twenties. Tyler has a thin scar on his right cheek. He’s dressed in brown leather armor with a black belt and boots, as well…

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Collecting Detroit as an Idea Factor

The “Detroit Idea Factory” in accordance to Dr. Brinker in Lawrence Tech University as shown in the video, “Idea Factory: Collecting Detroit,” combines the conceptual solutions in the field of design, structure and manage using collection of ecological and city interventions to define the complex crises in the city. It…

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The Use of Art in Interior Design

Interior design is an art and science that aims to create a healthier and more beautiful environment. Designers plan and coordinate interior design projects to achieve these goals. They can also work with architects and other professionals to implement design concepts. They can make a space look more beautiful or…

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Things to Know About the Burj Khalifa

Before its inauguration in 2010, the Burj Khalifa was known as the Burj Dubai. It is a skyscraper in Dubai, UAE, built by the Dubai Investment Authority. It has 900 luxury apartments. There are various things to know about the Burj Khalifa, including its Observation deck, Elevator speed, and Interior…

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Visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial

There are many reasons to visit the massive sculptures at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum carved these Presidents in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. Visiting the monument is free of charge, but some attractions do require reservations. Read on to learn more about the history of…

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the volkswagen company

Volkswagen (AW) is a global automobile production corporation that manufactures, develops, and distributes engines, bikes, and turbomachinery for commercial and passenger vehicles (Robbins, & Judge, 2013). AW is the world’s third-biggest automaker enterprise, behind only General Motors and Toyota. Thanks to its biggest market in China, AW has seen outstanding…

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A Speech of New Yorker

The query regarding “what makes a New Yorker” has spanned television shows, movies, songs, quizzes and many debates. Some claim that it relies upon on how long one has lived there, while some (the show “How I Met Your Mother”) assert that it occurs once you have an Allen made…

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Comparative analysis of three architects and their works

Modernist architecture, also known as Modern architecture, refers to a variety of architectural trends that emerged in the twentieth century. Architects emerged in the middle of the century and rose to prominence after World War II. It included the use of reinforced concrete, steel, and glass structures as the foundation…

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