White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville

A group of white nationalists and neo-Nazis held the Unite the Right demonstration on August 12, 2017, to air their frustrations against the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. The Confederate Army's commanding general was General Lee. However, as a fight broke out between white supremacists and racists, the rally had to be called off. A speeding automobile slammed into the anti-racist throng, killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring nineteen others. The motorist sped off, but was eventually taken into custody. The driver was a twenty-year-old, Alex Field Jr., was charged with second-degree murder, hit –and-run and malicious wounding. Two state troopers succumbed to death after a helicopter belonging to police crashed on its way to the rally. The governor declared a state of emergency and members of the community had to stay indoors. Federal Bureau of Investigation launched its own investigation following the incident. A fundraiser was then held for the woman who was killed in the riots.

Sociological Ideas

Sociology entails concepts or ideas that are vital for the deeper understanding of the White Supremacy in Charlottesville. Social structure is one of the sociological ideas. Tischler (2014, p.27) states that social structure refers to the configuration of social relationships including numbers of people, for example, the size of a crowd or a country. In the rally, the protestors came together to fight against the removal of the statue. Social action is another sociological idea. According to Tischler (2014, p.206), social action is a fundamental concept as it refers to the manner in which groups or individuals try to change society to what they want it to be like. In this case, for example, the anti-racist group of protesters wanted a life that would be free from being discriminated against. The social action also reveals how the actions people do affect or solely depend on their relationship with other people. Besides individual social actions also affect people’s social actions.

Functional integration is the interdependence of parts of a particular social system. Social systems sometimes disintegrate even though they involve interconnected portions which support and depend on each other. This is seen when a fundraiser was held for the woman who was killed in the riots. Power, another sociological factor also helps to understand the White Supremacy Rally at Charlottesville. Power is the ability of an individual, a group or an organization to get others to carry out its will so that it can benefit. It can be exercised by force directly. This is seen when police officers were sent to disperse the crowd of protesters after chaos erupted and also when a state of emergency was declared. This was done for the interest of the locals including their own safety. Power is also exercised by the court when the driver who rammed into protesters is charged for his crimes.

Finally, we have culture as a sociological idea. Culture includes language, knowledge, beliefs, norms, values, and symbols that constitute a way of life. It makes it easier for people to communicate and share with the next person in a stable group. No human being ever lacks a culture. Anti-racists and counter-protesters held onto their cultures as they rocked the streets of Charlottesville. Anti-racists believe all races are the same and therefore discrimination should not be experienced by any group of people because of their race.

The White Rally at Charlottesville clearly depicts citizens who are tired of racism and white supremacy and they would appreciate change for the better of everyone and also their country. The authorities should listen to their grievances to avoid more deaths and also for a change to be observed and end the racial hatred.

Works Cited

Tischler, H. L. (2014). Introduction to sociology. Belmont, CA, USA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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