The Texas Judicial System

Like the state itself, the Texas judicial system is extensive and complex. It uses the common law system, which depends on written laws as well as the judges' interpretations of those laws over time. However, for decades, the Texas judicial system has been criticized for its inability to promote judicial...

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State " Local Government - Texas - Governor and Public Policy

Majority of Texans believe that the issue of border security and immigration top the list of problems the state is facing. According to Wiernicki, most Texans felt that the government of US should restrict immigration and undocumented immigrants should be sent away from the US. Approximately, 52% of Texans agreed...

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Should The Death Penalty Be Stopped In Texas?

Texas Death Penalty: Controversies and Considerations Texas has been using the legal death penalty for capital offenses for a very long time, executing a lot of people compared to the other states in the United States of America. Texas should cease using the death penalty in cases that are contradicting or...

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The Hotel Laws of Texas

This memo is to show why I ended up revising this document, what led me into it and to explain why I am submitting it. Re – Examining The Hotel Laws Of Texas Document. When I first took a look at this document, it seemed boring to read and leave alone analyzing...

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Reform of Texas' Education Budgeting System

Since education forms one of Texas' largest expenses, I think it is time to reform Texas' education/ budgeting system. Education forms the foundation of an informed democracy like Texas and the key to lifelong opportunities. Therefore, Texas relies on its education system to promote shared responsibility, as well as create...

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The Texas Legislative Process

There should be a review and eventual change of the Texas legislative process. First, the Texas legislature should scrap off the biennial sessions and make it a full-time legislature. The main reason for effecting the change is because full-time legislators are more committed and are more productive than part-time legislators....

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Community Corrections and Intermediate Sanctions

Community corrections are tools used by law enforcement to let convicted criminals complete their sentences in the open rather than in prison. On the other hand, intermediate sanctions allude to disciplinary measures that, in terms of severity, fall between community corrections and incarceration. The two words, though, can be used...

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Criminal justice administration

The management of the personnel and resources used to make sure that the law is upheld in a specific area is known as criminal justice administration. The state's correctional institutions and facilities make up Texas' criminal justice system. It also includes municipal law enforcement officers and departments, county jails, probation...

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Michael Anthony Green

Black American parents gave birth to Michael Anthony Green in Harris County, Texas. Before a DNA test could show otherwise, he would later be found guilty of rape that he had not committed and spend 27 years in prison. (Lynch, 2013). Just after midnight, a woman was on the phone...

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1984 Republican National Convention

Gregory Lee Johnson burned an American flag outside the convention center during the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas, as a form of protest against the policies of the Reagan government (Facts and Case Summary - Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), 2017). Johnson was detained and accused...

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Texas Indians

The work The Indians of Texas: From Prehistoric to Modern Times is critically analyzed by Adamson. The forgotten indigenous people of Texas' coastal areas are examined in the novel. Adams tries to justify the value of Newcomb's narrative, strategy, and methods, though. An examination of the piece critically provides insight...

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Achieving greatness in Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano

Greatness is not something you can achieve easily, but Baylor Regional Medical Center in Plano has. They became the first hospital in Texas to ever win the coveted Malcom Bridge Award in 2013, making history. One of the three groups that were chosen to receive the awards was this one....

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