The campaign style that Donald Trump used to run for Presidency

Donald Trump’s political strategy in Texas and elsewhere did not suit the conventional campaign formula because he prioritized social media over news releases, supporter enthusiasm over campaign donations, and protests over organizations. Since the media that like Trump and his antics is already intent on having a similar person like…

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Bathroom Bill in Texas

In current years, the United States of America has witnessed an upward surge in the number of transgender Americans. Such trajectory of transgender progress has however been met with a backlash from some American legislators and anti-transgender activists. To restrict the upward trajectory of transgender Americans, most legislators are considering…

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the declaration of independence

The text’s main issue is Texas’ effort to gain freedom from the Mexican colonials who had vowed to defend them and guarantee their interests and lives were secured. The citizens simply claim that they are withdrawing from the “partnership” because the Mexican government has ignored their hopes of exercising their…

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Revocation of Death Penalty in Texas

The Death Penalty’s Decline and the Discovery of Innocence 2008, Cambridge University Press. The book assesses the drop in murder cases in America as a result of increased recognition of the death penalty. Americans have been viewed as only endorsing the death penalty in principle, implying that it is past…

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Fertilizer Explosion in Texas

Ammonium nitrate is a key component of fertilizer production. Nitrogen is an essential component of the chlorophyll used by plants to make food. In addition, nitrogen is one of the components used in the production of proteins by the farm. Farmers also recognize the need for nitrogen in a plant…

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The role of Special Interest Groups in Politics in Texas

The social and economic status of an area or territory is decided by politics. Texas is geographically large and has many inhabitants and comprises eight large towns (Calvert, 2002). In defining Texas’ political system, special interest groups play a very important role, with some being religious groups, civil rights groups,…

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texas ruling and supreme court

The United States Supreme Court issued its opinion on a Texas decision concerning gay partners. It ruled that gays had no right to government-subsidized employment compensation. The decision was released on December 4th, 2017. The court, however, failed to reverse the Texas Supreme Court’s opinion that gay couples were not…

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about hurricane harvey

Weather analysts have described Hurricane Harvey as an extraordinary storm that has exceeded even the most pessimistic weather predictions. Flooding caused major damage in areas of Houston and Southeast Texas, as well as the death of civilians, among other tragic actions. Many commentators argue that governments and federal flood protections…

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Texas Policy – Legalization Of Guns Carrying

Texas coverage on guns regulates possession of firearm handling in public. The history of open elevate of handguns in Texas stated in 1871 when the legislatures in Texas passed a bill to ban carrying by way of its citizens outside homes. This ban was later altered in 1995 when the…

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About Federalism

Texas has been embroiled in litigation against the federal government on many issues, including rules on school toilets, immigration, and abortion facilities. State cases against the federal government are on the rise, and as such, it can be said that Washington is not excited about it. Texas and other states…

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Texas and the Growth of Population

Texas is in population and square kilometers the second largest state in the USA. There are nearly 28 million people of the United States. It is in the southern part of USA, on the east side of Louisiana, and on the north side of Arkansas and on the north side…

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Gun Crime Controls in America

Among the biggest threats to American national security, today is a gun crime. In October 2017, the Guardian estimated that the US is home to 88 arms for every 100 individuals and sees mass shootings more than 11 times as often as every other developing country. Latest incidents of mass…

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