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colombia’s revolutionary armed forces

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are the strongest and oldest faction of Colombian rebels. It has been dubbed the world’s richest guerilla army. In 1964, Jacob Arenas and Manuel Marulanda, both members of Colombia’s communist party, formed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. This was in the aftermath…

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colombia’s revolutionary armed forces

The paper briefly discusses the past of Colombia’s democratic armed forces in this section. It goes on to explain the group’s inspiration, priorities, and goals. Furthermore, the presentation provides insight into their mistakes and successes. This segment discusses the group’s most important concerns. Furthermore, the body discusses how the manufacture…

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Assignment on Net Neutrality

Class name Date assignment is due. What is net neutrality? Neutrality as a common phenomenon is the principle that a great nations have employed to enforce social justice among their citizens. Net neutrality is similar in meaning and concept to neutrality, it used to describe the act of treating every…

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