Assignment on Net Neutrality

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What is net neutrality?
Neutrality as a common phenomenon is the principle that a great nations have employed to enforce social justice among their citizens. Net neutrality is similar in meaning and concept to neutrality, it used to describe the act of treating every data found on the internet equal to each other without judging the origin, user, content or other details about it. It is a form of Justice on the internet for users, platforms and service providers alike. Looking into the history, after internet revolution and its boom period, the net neutrality was then termed by Colombia University media law professor Tim Wu in the year 2003. Talking about the essentials of the net neutrality, internet neutrality has granted authority to every user for reaching out to the information and access to the content, information, applications, and services without any discrimination and delay. Taking the basics into account, the internet is the name of the universe that has been shrunk to the palms of the human beings. As everybody knows that the internet has made it possible to shape the universe into the global village. Therefore, the global village should be neutral for everyone to maintain the justice around the globe ("Net Neutrality").

Net neutrality has enormously affected every aspect of my life. Basically, having a passion for writing, I have worked for the domestic organizations and individuals on lower rate due to less workflow in the market. After learning about the internet and online work opportunities, I began to study the online freelance work. There is no doubt that the internet has given me a big canvas to showcase my writing knacks to the whole world. Now, I can get the best writing projects through the internet. These projects can be posted from any corner of the world and selection process is hassle and discrimination free. I can also quote my skill’s rate and can get the best rate of my professional knacks and hard-work. Now I am a satisfied freelancer. I work for good and big online writing companies which pay me really good. In this way, my economic condition has also been changed. It is a matter of fact that the internet revolution and, particularly, net neutrality have revolutionized my life and lives of other hard-working people. I have a happy life and I am accompanied by a contented family and it only became possible thanks to the internet and net neutrality.

I strongly support net neutrality. The reason is because I have achieved a number of good things through the internet. For instance, I have got huge and good workflow to do with best rates. I have reached economic stability and this is just because of net neutrality. In addition, I have got instant and cheap contact channels to be in touch with my clients around the world. It is a matter of fact that the evolution of human being eventually revolutionizes people's life. The process of advancement is still in progress which is actually good for humans and I believe that everybody supports the development of net neutrality. Undoubtedly, in this way, man has got convenience and comfort. In addition, the internet revolution and particularly net neutrality have given equal ground to all participants/users. That is why the strugglers like me are enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Therefore, I strongly support net neutrality.

Work Cited

"Net Neutrality" Public Knowledge. . Accessed 16 May 2017.

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