Essays on Quality Assurance

Quality health care organizations

When patients receive quality medical treatment, their health is effectively and efficiently restored. Timely access to medical care, efficient therapies, and preventive care are components of high-quality medical care. The effectiveness of the aforementioned components is ensured by licensing standards. (Taylor, 2004). Experts and healthcare organizations are required to obtain licensing,...

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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) aims to provide the required requirements for ensuring that nurses are prepared with the competencies that will lead to the continuous development of nurses quality and safety in the healthcare system in which they operate. These...

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The nursing practice: Enhancing organizational culture

Nursing profession and its challenges Nursing profession necessitates dedication and focus in order to achieve quality and efficiency. Nurses are expected to maintain politeness at work and to attend to patients with attention and professionalism. Today's difficulties in the healthcare sector are primarily the result of internal errors (Newman, Maylor &...

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The excavation section

The excavation phase of construction entails preparing the site for the structure's foundation. Excavation activities generally include stripping topsoil, digging dirt, and removing rocks. If the soil has adequate backfill qualities, it can be stockpiled on site for backfilling into the foundation. If the dirt is unsuitable for use as...

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A company’s financial statements

The Importance of Quality Financial Statements The financial accounts of a corporation are a representation of the firm's position, hence quality is critical. Financial statements inform the company about its financial situation, and if they are wrong or of poor quality, the company might be thrown off balance. There are four...

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The joint commission system

The joint commission system The joint commission system demonstrates a strong interest in supporting a safe and high-quality healthcare system, with the primary goal of avoiding patient harm (Bahadori et al., 2014). From its inception, the contract has championed patient well-being by supporting healthcare businesses to develop on the value and...

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The Work of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative

When the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) collaborated with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2008, the Committee Initiative was born (Future of Nursing, 2010). The initiative's goal was to analyze and respond to the need to alter the nursing profession in order to fulfill the growing demand for safe,...

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Quality management as a competitive advantage

A competitive edge over other companies in the business is given to the company through quality management. Additionally, it helps in determining how much achieved measurements deviate from ideal criteria. Estimation balanced scorecards and Pareto charts are two examples of quality metrics that can be utilized in JIT. The project manager,...

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About Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is a US business that began in the 1960s using the productivity model to provide its consumers with quality goods. The business used global sourcing to supply the American households with low-cost goods. The business model has led to a variety of manufacturers producing relatively inexpensive products that are...

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