The Importance of Food Waste

Food waste: Causes and Solutions Food is a basic need that no human alive can do without it. However, in today's world, up to 800 million people face hunger. Surprising enough, the food we produce is sufficient to feed them twice over. In addition to being torn worlds apart from the...

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The Value of Recycling in The Junkyard Planet

The Junkyard Planet is an odyssey about the rubbish and the people who work in the dumpsters and turn this junk into money. According to the Minter (2), junk is the second biggest employer in the world after agriculture and farming. Minter argues that what makes junk the second biggest...

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The Responsibility of Individuals and Authorities in Waste Management

The environment has over the recent few years been under threat by human activity. Air and water pollution which are the major effects of improper disposal of wastes have been on the rise year after year. Global statistics indicate that if this trend is not curbed, we are likely to...

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The Importance of Recycling

A can crusher is a tool basically used for the application of easier and smart recycling achieved through crushing of empty aluminum cans. Can crushers are of different types where some constitute of stainless steel that provide extra strength, corrosion resistance and stability to the merchandises. Most collective parts of...

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The Application of Green Chemistry Principles to Radioactive Wastes

Green chemistry, by way of definition, refers to the chemical sciences approach that aims to eliminate waste as well as efficiently utilizing renewable raw materials. It avoids the use of hazardous and toxic solvent and reagents in the application and manufacture of chemical products. In green chemistry, the environmental impact...

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The Impact of Recycling on Food Production

According to EPA website provisions, the critical issue of plastics in the environment necessitates the need for keeping the environment safe. The challenge of plastics means that the natural processes of food production have been adversely affected. It underlines the need for possible methodologies to assist in protecting the environment....

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The Environment and Waste

The environment is significantly affected by waste. The impact of waste depends on its composition as well as disposal practices. The disposal of toxic substances on the surface of the earth as well as in the atmosphere has a significant impact on environmental well-being. This cause and effect essay examines...

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Making Biogas from organic wastes

The students will need to comprehend how biogas, which is crucial for daily use, may be produced using ingredients that are readily available locally. The experiment will be straightforward because the necessary information and supplies will be gathered, and students will set up a control experiment utilizing animal feces, water,...

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Polyvinyl chloride

One of the most widely produced synthetic polymers worldwide is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is the third most produced polymer on a global scale, after polyethylene, which is the most produced, and polypropylene, which is the second most produced. Both stiff and flexible versions of PVC exist. The stiff shape...

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Chemical Engineering 140

It is useful to utilize an exponential dilution flask upstream of the photometer to examine the dynamic response of an inline or flow-through spectrophotometer. The photometer receives the waste from a tiny continually stirred tank, or flask. The tank is initially filled with a weak dye at concentration C. Then,...

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The initiative of recycling waste

The objective of this initiative is to help Islip Town, New York State, reduce the costs and risks involved with solid waste transportation on land. By establishing regional recycling facilities, the Waste Recycling Initiative will reduce the land-based exportation of large amounts of solid waste to landfills, which has proven...

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The Inappropriate Allocation of Risk in the NESWC

The NESWC Project Contract The NESWC project contracts cost $95 per ton for waste management, which was about double the average price in 1997 and then increased to $145 per ton by 2005. This contract thus proved costly to the city, largely because the risk assignments in the contracts were inappropriate...

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