Essays on Urbanization

The Effects of Suburbanization

Suburbanization Suburbanization is the growth and development of the villages and towns into urban areas. The suburbs that are close enough to the cities are engulfed. The suburbs can be accessed easily by the commuters. Suburbanization can be part of urbanization, because of the number of people living in the suburbs...

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Impacts of Industrial Revolution and Urbanization

The Industrial Revolution and Urbanization The industrial revolution started in Britain and occurred between 1750 and 1914, happening in three stages that were linked to dissimilar region and technology. The industrial revolution led to urbanization which also increased on the impacts of the industrial revolution itself. The impacts of urbanization and...

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The Era of Modernism

Despite the fact that the words modernization and modernity are often used interchangeably, modernism is not the same. While modernization is referred to as a historical process, modernism is a time in global history. The rapid urbanization that followed the transition from an agrarian to an industrial economy marked the...

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Gentrification meaning

Gentrification and Its Definition Gentrification is defined as the active and deliberate process of repairing damaged metropolitan towns and neighborhoods by the entry of more aristocratic residents. It's a well-known term in political and urban planning circles. Most of the discussions about this topic date back to a time when many...

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Case Study of Maharashtra Floods

The bulk of densely populated urban centers in developing countries, such as Djalarta, Dhaka, Bangok, and Bombay, are especially vulnerable to urban flooding (Chatterjee, 2010). According to Ranger et al. (2011), one of the primary causes of floods is increasing urbanization, which causes changes in terrain as a result of...

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widespread urbanization growth

The modern world is rapidly expanding, particularly due to increased urbanization. As a result, the limited amenities allotment has been severely strained (Diaz, 2011). Specifically, major urban centers around the world are now unable to handle solid waste adequately and sustainably. In this sense, initiatives such as the Millennium Development...

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The Evolution of The U.S. Intelligence Community

When more people move to cities, urbanization has a significant impact on citizen security. New York City is one of the US cities dealing with insecurity issues such as organized crime, human trafficking, kidnappings, and terrorism. Throughout the city, there are also concerns of race and ethnicity, with minorities complaining...

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About Urban Segregation

In most industrialized nations, including the United States, urban segregation is a significant societal issue. To combat both social and racial segregation, several anti-segregation projects have been established. Significant socioeconomic issues like racial and economic segregation have led to inequality in living standards, labor markets, and access to social services....

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Impact of Pollution on the Environment

Environmental Pollution One of the biggest problems the world is currently dealing with is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has significantly increased during the past century as a result of the increased urbanization and industrialization that have been observed globally (“Increased Pollution”). There are undoubtedly many different types of pollution, but toxins...

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Effect of urbanization and religion on the happiness

The ratio of people living in cities and rural areas has fluctuated significantly during the past century across the industrialized world. People began aggressively moving to cities in the first half of the century. Living outside of cities became fashionable in the second half, but individuals continued to lead lives...

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The Diffusion of Sports to British Colonies

Introduction Most academics and researchers have concentrated on the detrimental repercussions of colonialism, such as deforestation and the deterioration of indigenous culture. The extension of British civilization, however, to other regions of the world helped the colonies' colonial development. This study makes the claim that colonization caused the spread of modern...

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The economy of India

India is rapidly developing due to its high rates of urbanization and favorable business environment. Due to the emergence of an affluent middle class with significant purchasing power in urban areas, it is becoming a popular business destination. India's business environment is favorable due to its high customer population, thriving...

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