Essays on Urbanization

Effect of urbanization and religion on the happiness

The ratio of people living in cities and rural areas has fluctuated significantly during the past century across the industrialized world. People began aggressively moving to cities in the first half of the century. Living outside of cities became fashionable in the second half, but individuals continued to lead lives…

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The Diffusion of Sports to British Colonies

Most academics and researchers have concentrated on the detrimental repercussions of colonialism, such as deforestation and the deterioration of indigenous culture. The extension of British civilization, however, to other regions of the world helped the colonies’ colonial development. This study makes the claim that colonization caused the spread of modern…

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The economy of India

India is rapidly developing due to its high rates of urbanization and favorable business environment. Due to the emergence of an affluent middle class with significant purchasing power in urban areas, it is becoming a popular business destination. India’s business environment is favorable due to its high customer population, thriving…

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As opposed to those who live in rural areas, urbanization means a growth in the number of people who live in rural areas. The urban area consists mainly of densely populated areas such as cities or villages, while agricultural areas are located in the countryside (Environment Urbanization, 2003). For the…

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As the population keeps on doubling on an annual basis, the world’s urban population seems to be tripling. If the trend continues these ways more of the world’s population. Urbanization means an increase in the proportion of people who live in the rural area when compared to those who live…

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Environmental Pollution Study Through a Sociological Lens

Pollution is the method of introducing toxins into the natural world, resulting in negative consequences (Nwona, 2013). Environmental pollution can take many forms, including chemical substances and electricity, such as noise, heat, and light (Ard & Fairbrother, 2016). Pollutants that cause environmental contamination may be either foreign substances or substances…

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Urbanization and Crime Rates

Urbanization is the phase of urban centre development, predominantly in terms of population and infrastructure. In recent years, according to the 2014 United Nations Global Urbanization Survey, Canada has emerged among the countries with the highest rate of urbanization, ranking 40th in the world (Hawkins, 2008). Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal…

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Critical study of ethnography

The urban ethnography of Latino street gangs provides a comprehensive study of Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles and other counties in California (Hallcom, 1999). In the often dysfunctional neighbourhoods of the study areas, it outlines the historical origins, organisation and associated crimes carried out by the gangs. In this respect,…

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Urban planning

Urban planning refers to a political and technological process involving the use and development of property, public health, the use and conservation of the environment, planning approvals, the design of the urban environment, including the transition of facilities to and from urban areas, water, as well as air. In his…

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