Essays on Social Problems

Applied Anthropology as a Science

Applied anthropology suggests the use of anthropological information, viewpoints, hypothesis, and methods in order to distinguish, survey, and tackle modern social problems. Chambers expressed applied anthropology as the area of request concerned with connections between anthropological mastering and the employments of that information on the planet previous human sciences. He…

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Mounting social problems in the New York City

Society is an entity that is dynamic. Individuals are the most significant asset and they also exist as complex. Each society has problems that can emerge from its functioning, as it relies on synchronization with all its pieces. This paper aims to take a close look at New York City’s…

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The essence of applied anthropology

Applied anthropology may be a branch of anthropology which deals with the appliance of knowledge , theory, methods, and perspectives of identifying, assessing and solving social problems. It facilitates change. The anthropologist during this field applies their knowledge to deal with a problem within the society actively. it’s different from…

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Obesity as a Social Problem Nowadays

High charges of obesity have been responsible for unites states fitness outcome declines and rapid amplify of healthcare costs. The unavailability and unaffordability of healthy food have improved the obesity epidemic. According to the ‘U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s third of American youths are obese and suffering from…

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Drug Abuse; A Social Problem

Anything that is a problem for the group is a social issue. In certain cases, social problems are perceived as conditions in society that are unacceptable. Most of them typically have a negative social effect. Others are related to the slowing down of changes in society. Global warming, substance addiction,…

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About Poverty

Poverty can be characterized as a condition where resources are lacking for an individual, institution or nation and where access to basic needs such as food, medical care and shelter can not be afforded. Poverty is complex and varies from economic, social, and political issues. Poverty is measured in today’s…

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Overlooking Social Issues

Government corruption, gender/domestic abuse, healthcare, educational equality, among others, are some examples of social problems. A portion of these social issues are still being neglected today. For starters, the biggest social issue that affects everybody is government corruption in the nation and around the world. In most governments, there have…

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Socio-Economic Problems Faced by the U.S. Government

Over time, the United States government has faced a slew of social, political, and economic issues that necessitated a mixture of science, experience, and political leadership. As such, the paper examines three issues: the need for reforms to mental health drugs for children, a tax rise on people making more…

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Violence against women

While activist organizations have worked for more than three decades to solve the problem of violence against women in the U.S., the pace at which women are raped in the country remains troubling. Violence against women is one of the biggest forms of gender violence in the U.S. The problem…

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Anxiety Disorder and Social Issues

University studying can be difficult, according to Wilkinson (2013), because it comes with a large number of demands put on a student, who usually leave their academic affairs largely unattended in relation to their social well being without proper attendance. Most students of these higher education institutions face difficulties beyond…

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Issues of Single Mother

For most families today, single parenthood was common. The majority of solitary childcare is for women or more for mothers. One parent raises a child without the other parent’s support. Research shows that one out of two children in the United States are raised in a single family before 18…

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Public smoking effects

Smoking in public is one of the most contentious issues in the world today. Most smokers believe that if they feel the urge to smoke, regardless of their venue, it is their right to smoke. On the other hand, non-smokers claim that they have the right to breathe air free…

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