Essays on Social Problems

Social Structure in Sociology

Social Structure in Sociology Social structure in sociology implies the difference in class of people regarding economic status, job groups and race. Variance in class in a society sometimes rises the social problems, for example, unemployment, racism, sexism and the illegal immigration. Many individuals’ understanding of the social problems dwells on...

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The Social Constructionist Approach to Gender Bias

Social problems are prevailing conditions or perceived behaviors which have negative impacts on the wellbeing of the society at large. In other words, these adverse conditions and gaps between the expectations in the society and the reality in the society. Normally, the society tries to develop means by which it...

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Social Media

Recent times have witnessed an increase in the use of social media. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook facilitate communication and interaction between individuals from different parts of the world. Social sites act as a meeting point for people with different backgrounds and goals in life. Primarily, social media sites...

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Effects of Poverty on Society

Poverty may be defined as a scenario whereby an individual is incapable of affording some of the necessities in life – such as food, clothes, and even good shelter. It is worth noting that the effects of poverty cannot be underestimated as it is one of the integral factors that...

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Gender and Social Constructs

Gender over the years has been viewed as a social construct across a variety of cultures worldwide. In the past, gender has been used to differentiate between male and female sex. Gender is a way in which the society assumes different roles. The roles of the people that are described...

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The United States Racism

The United States is one of many nations that still faces prejudice as a problem. Despite the fact that racism is illegal, minority groups in the United States continue to experience racism on the receiving end of it. In fact, there are reported instances of racism every day, and African...

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The juvenile court system

The juvenile justice system was established primarily to protect children from the damaging punishments that are visible in the criminal courts. The tribunals were intended to be distinct from those that dealt with adults. The young people were given a lot of attention in order to address their needs and...

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Teen pregnancy

In our present social environment, teen pregnancy is common. An increasing number of the younger population in schools are dealing with the rise of early sexual encounters, unintended pregnancies, and numerous pregnancy-related challenges. The majority of the time, these issues don't arise voluntarily; instead, they take the form of loss,...

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Criminal injustice in Argentina

Argentina is rated third in both South and North America for criminal injustice due to its low rate of incarceration. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the globe when compared to Argentina. The cause is not America's focus on all criminal cases, but rather the large number of...

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The discrimination against black people

A large number of people who believed that the division was improper fiercely opposed the widespread practice of racism toward black people in the US, especially in the southern states. James Baldwin, Martin Luther King, and Ta-Nehesi Coates are just a few of the authors who have produced works that...

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Racism is still happening

Consider yourself driving home after a late shift at work or after leaving your kids off at school when you notice sirens flashing. You take a deep breath and feel a twinge of annoyance—not just from the delay, but also from the fact that you haven't done anything wrong—especially since...

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Domestic violence causes

Domestic violence is largely caused by various types of pain or agony, including those that are psychological, physical, mental, and sexual. Domestic violence also includes family violence or spousal abuse, which refers to an overt pattern of violent acts committed by one partner against the other in close affiliations such...

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