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Social media can be used for a variety of purposes, including television, news, advertising, and marketing. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular networking networks. These sites encourage the development of personal profiles and enable contact between friends and strangers, research, media sharing and distribution, and other activities. Several arguments have been made in the modern world about the effects of social media on day-to-day operations. The effect of social media on culture can be classified as either positive or negative, as it is regarded as one of the biggest breakthroughs in today’s world. This innovation has led to connections and collaborations, fun, business, and a source of timely information. “They sometimes are exposed to internet vices such as cyber-bullying and cyber fraud mounting more stress.

Secondly, spending a large percentage of time on social media reduces individual’s productivity. In the current world, educational institutes offer college courses through social media expecting students to learn and build knowledge through the platforms. However, this is not possible since students sometimes use other people’s ideas rather than theirs.

Thirdly, being connected to social media sites costs money. In most countries around the world, internet services are still very expensive, and this current trend eats up to the budge of an individual. A good example is Facebook that has started charging its business pages. On the other hand, LinkedIn charges for its premium plan. Almost all social media platforms charge advertisement fee from external businesses on their websites. With this current trend, more and more social media platforms will charge for their services since like any other business they need to make profits.

In conclusion, despite social media websites bringing connectivity and making the world a global village, several vices such as reducing creativity, stressfulness and cost continue to emerge making them more harmful especially to the young generation.

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