social media ways of doing more harm

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Social media ways to do more harm than good
Over the years, social media has transformed the way most people engage in mass media mode. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram are more than good for young people in particular. Most of the reasons social networking sites are detrimental are that they are stressful. Individuals accessing social media sites also spend much of their time linked to and required to respond to digital channels, such as reacting to emails. They are often vulnerable to Internet malfunctions, such as cyber-bullying and cyber-fraud, which make them more stressful. Secondly, spending a large percentage of time on social media reduces an individual’s productivity. In the current world, educational institutes offer college courses through social media expecting students to learn and build knowledge through the platforms. However, this is not possible since students sometimes use other people’s ideas rather than theirs.

Thirdly, being connected to social media sites costs money. In most countries around the world, internet services are still very expensive, and this current trend eats up to the budge of an individual. A good example is Facebook that has started charging its business pages. On the other hand, LinkedIn charges for its premium plan. Almost all social media platforms charge advertisement fee from external businesses on their websites. With this current trend, more and more social media platforms will charge for their services since like any other business they need to make profits.

In conclusion, despite social media websites bringing connectivity and making the world a global village, several vices such as reducing creativity, stressfulness and cost continue to emerge making them more harmful especially to the young generation.

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